Agricultural Entrepreneurs in India

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Agriculture is extremely important in India as not only does it help to provide food for the rural population but it is also a significant contributor to the economy. The agricultural sector contributes around 19% of the Gross Domestic Product of India. Agriculture is also significant as the sector provides about 65% of the population of India with employment and a livelihood. Agriculture is extremely prominent in many rural regions and small villages of India as it allows the residents the opportunities to not only provide for themselves but also to create revenue from excess goods.

The landscape of India is not always well suited to certain crops; however, the diverse climate and soil zones of the country allow a variety of crops to be harvested. India has established itself as an agricultural giant as the country is the second largest producer of food, trailing only behind nearby China. India has been able to develop its agricultural sector through irrigating large portions of land which provides necessary water to regions plagued by drought.  The large population of cattle also helps to develop the sector which assists in much of the work involved with agriculture.

Why Agriculture Development Fails

Agriculture has become a dominant part of India’s society; however, it is not always successful. Agricultural development is not always successful as it is not uncommon for land to be overused and harvested at unsustainable levels. The poor soils that exist in much of the country face much strain to remain effective if used in improper fashion. Another problem is that many rural societies do not have the financial resources to access the tools and equipment necessary to best utilize the land. There can also occasionally be a lack of knowledge on how best to utilize the land.

Agricultural Entrepreneurs

Agricultural entrepreneurs are important particularly in developing nations such as India. The entrepreneur helps to provide education and employment opportunities to people especially those located in struggling regions. The entrepreneur program in India is operated out of Indira Gandhi National University. The entrepreneur program is beneficial to many youth of rural communities as it offers them the opportunity to discover how to sustainably use agriculture in their lives. Agricultural entrepreneurs in India strive to develop agrarian prosperity while also focusing of sustainable development. Agricultural entrepreneurs utilize education that includes practical application as well as lectures and reading material to develop necessary skills. This combination of techniques allows individuals to gain not only knowledge but also technical skills. Agricultural entrepreneurs are particularly useful in transforming rural communities. In the north east region of India which features soil well suited to agriculture, entrepreneurships help to minimize other limiting factors such as education that often limit success.

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