Designer Indian Bridal Wear

Looking for designer Indian bridal wear? Want to know about all the different styles of Indian bridal wear available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right bridal wear for you…

Designer Indian bridal wear have come about due to the demand by an affluent section of Indian society that desires trendy and modern outfits in keeping with the current fashions. Due to the demand for such bridal wear, Indian fashion designers have created a multitude of stylish designs that appeal to a cross section of upper middle class Indian brides. Many of these designs are custom made to guarantee that no two designs are alike.

Designer Indian bridal wear encompass saris and lehngas with complicated designs for sari blouses and cholis. More prominent Indian designers display their designs during fashion shows for invited guests. The India Lakme fashion week is an important opportunity for designers to display their latest collection of designer bridal wear. This fashion show garners a lot of interest from the public and retail bridal wear chains that look for new lines of bridal wear.

The colors of designer Indian bridal wear often stick to the traditional red and cream or white. Some designers experiment with strong colors like purple and gold. Brocade, gold and silver thread embroidery, sequins and tassels are common features in both designer and traditional bridal wear. Very often the skirts of the lehngas are narrower and sport slits or flounces. Designer saris are draped onto sleeveless blouses with generous back openings and plunging necklines.

The fabrics most favored in designer Indian bridal wear are silk and crepe silk. These fabrics adhere well to brocade and shine lustrously during the wedding ceremony. They are also soft and gentle on the skin unlike the heavier all brocade saris worn in very traditional weddings.

The cost of designer bridal wear makes them beyond the reach of most brides. However, they have found a following among the growing upper middle class in India. Sensuous designs with plenty of beadwork, small mirrors and handwork is in vogue. Buttons are ornate and make the entire bridal wear look chic and trendy.

Designer Indian bridal wear have taken the affluent Indian societies by storm, with intricate outfits in sensual lines being all the rage. A bride’s wedding trousseau has never been more complex!

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