Designs Of Indian Wedding Cards

Looking to buy a design of an Indian wedding card? Read ahead to figure out what kind of beautiful designs of Indian wedding cards you can customize for your special occasion…

Indian weddings cards and ceremonies are dominated by the use of color and traditional embellishments. These elements are utilized in different proportions but are incorporated in every single Indian wedding across the states. Color starts from the traditional red outfit of the bride, the theme utilized to create the wedding decor for the wedding ceremony, along with the ceremonial Rangoli designs to create entrance gardens and entrance decorations in different homes during the wedding.

Elements like the wedding cards are considered very important since it is an announcement of the union of two people to the entire world. Whether the design is elaborately crafted with traditional religious elements or a simple and modern version, color seems to be the key in creating a rich invitation card.

The design of Indian wedding cards is exceptional in terms of the paper, ink and design elements incorporated in its creation. The entire wedding is given a stunning beginning with the creation of a personalized Indian wedding card.

Factors Affecting the Designs of Indian Wedding Cards

India is a melting pot of cultures and religions like Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism and Islam. Each of these religions follows different wedding practices and this in turn is reflected in the design of Indian wedding cards. Apart from this there is no fixed size or shape of the Indian wedding card but the most common element is class, unique textures, color and the use of different creative elements to embellish the card.

Embellishment on Indian Wedding Cards

Indian wedding cards follow traditional elements which incorporate religious symbols for different religions. However, they can be printed on imported papers, handmade paper or even materials like velvet and suede. These may be available in the form of basic cards or even elaborate scrolls which are encased in paper or metal boxes. The scrolls are often encrusted with crystal and other semi-precious stones to enhance the beauty of the intricate details and design.

Gold and silver ink is predominantly used to print the text on these wedding cards. This adds to the overall richness of the invitation card and creates spellbinding contemporary or classic designs of Indian wedding cards. The finish of the wedding card depends on the different printing techniques utilized by the printer. If you are experimenting with distinctive textures or unique colors it is best to have a draft print created by the printer in order to finalize the acceptable quality.

The use of rich lace and brocade fabric to create colorful borders on the card and envelope is quite common when it comes to Indian wedding cards. Often a slender thread of gold or silver is utilized to tie the envelope of the card. If the envelope consists of three or more cards announcing different events and ceremonies, these are created in cascading sizes and different colors. This normally assists people in identifying the card for each ceremony and keeping track of their invitation schedule.

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