American Girl Felicity

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American Girl Felicity is an 18” doll that was introduced in 1991 by the American Girl company that produces a line of dolls and accessories depicting young, pre-teen girls from historic periods. The doll’s full name is Felicity Merriman and is a 10-year-old historical character from 1774. Felicity was developed to provide a young child’s perspective of events from this important period in American history.

The doll’s hair colour is red and it has vivid green eyes. Felicity is a sprightly and spunky colonial girl who brims with energy and independence. Felicity hails from Williamsburg, Virginia just prior to the American Revolution. She is torn between Patriot and Loyalist family members and friends. Her story stresses loyalty and staying true to one’s ideals.

Felicity loves horses and the doll is dressed in an authentic styled striped lavendar gown with embroidered flowers. A cotton shift, white stockings and black shoes complete the outfit for American Girl Felicity. The hair is tied with a white ribbon. The body is made from soft cloth and the movable head and limbs are vinyl.

There are six beautifully illustrated books in the Felicity series beginning with ‘Meet Felicity’ which introduces young owners to the historical background of the girl. Felicity’s father runs a general store in Williamsburg and her mother stays at home taking care of the family. Felicity has three siblings: a three year old mischievous brother called William, a sister, Nan, who is seven and a baby sister, Polly, born in December 1775. Felicity’s story was dramatised in “Felicity: An American Girl Adventure” in November 2005.

Origins of the Name Felicity

Felicity is drawn from the Latin word ‘Felicia’ which means happy, lucky or fortunate. It is a very rare female first name and one of 23 virtue names for girls. It was one of the virtue names adopted by Puritans in the 17th century. In English, felicity means happiness. The name was revived in America in the 1990’s following a television series called ‘Felicity’ starring Keri Russell.

American Girl Felicity is an attractive doll whose story encourages young girls to maintain their loyalty, have fortitude and spirit. Felicity reinforces the importance of being true to one’s personal ideals.

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