Indian Bridal Gents Bracelets

Looking for Indian bridal gents bracelets? Want to know about all the different styles of bridal gents’ bracelets available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right bracelet for you…

Indian Bridal gents’ bracelets adorn the wrists of many grooms during glittering Indian wedding ceremonies. Bracelets are normally in 22K yellow gold and are important accessories for a groom to appear regal and outstanding on his wedding day. No expense is spared to make a groom look like a Maharaja during his wedding – the grandeur of Indian weddings necessitates a remarkably rich display of jewelry o the groom.

Indian bridal gents’ bracelets can be either plain gold bands like bangles or they can be decorative pieces with intricate designs. Diamonds often stud a gent’s bracelet with a clasp to fasten the bracelet around the wrist. Floral designs embedded with precious stones are also among the bracelet styles that grooms wear. White gold or platinum bracelets would normally be worn with Western suits if the groom’s attire is more European in flavor.

Some Indian bridal gents’ bracelets are given to the groom as part of the dowry that the bride’s family gives to the groom’s family. Bracelets would be part of the jewelry exchanged during the gift giving ceremony prior to the wedding. In these cases, the bracelets would be chosen carefully to match the groom’s wedding attire and complement his rings and other accessories.

Many Indian bridal gents’ bracelets are purchased from exclusive jewelry stores that stock a range of excellent gents’ bracelets. With the rising price of yellow gold, these bracelets form a valuable part of the groom’s ensemble on his wedding day. Designer bracelets have gradually found favor among the upper class of Indian society and such bracelets have striking designs and studded with many gems.

Ethos is an online jewelry store that stocks a line of designer gents’ bracelets in a multitude of attractive designs to appeal to modern grooms. You can also have bracelets custom made by jewelers who will make your bracelet according to your chosen pattern. Any leftover gold from the process will be returned to you when your bracelet is completed.

Indian bridal gents bracelets are striking and expensive items that are crucial accessories for a groom to appear dazzling on his wedding day. You should wear yellow gold with your traditional wedding outfit. Have your bracelet custom made if you want an exclusive design!

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