Indian Bridal Jewelry

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Indian bridal jewelry consists of a stunning variety of gold ornaments that can decorate the limbs of a bride to display her wealth or that of her family. The ornaments are bangles that reach up to the elbow, bracelets that surround the wrists, ear rings that drop heavily from ear lobes and rows of necklaces that encircle the neck of the bride. Gold belts that clasp the sari to the bride’s waist or rings on every finger are added indications of wealth for the bride and proudly displayed on her wedding day.

Indian bridal jewelry does not have faux jewelry or costume jewelry and rarely consists of silver or platinum ornaments. Gold is the traditionally favored precious metal and bulky ornaments are considered the norm for Indian brides. Upper arms are decorated with gold clasps and brides also wear gold toe rings and nose rings. A large gold pendant called a ‘pathakam’ is crucial for South Indian brides. This pendant, the highlight of her most expensive necklace will hang prominently down the front of her sari.

Indian bridal jewelry is rarely stinted on even with the high price of gold in the current market. Gold jewelry is considered an investment for the bride who keeps her gold ornaments locked away in a safe deposit box at a bank, when not in use.

Giving Bridal Jewelry as Dowry

The act of giving a dowry still exists in traditional Indian societies and even in modern societies where there is a predominance of ethnic Indian communities. Dowry is given by the bride’s family to the groom’s family and is critical to secure a good marriage alliance.

The amount of dowry, which has to be given prior to the wedding for the match to take place, is always asked by the family of the groom from the bride’s father. Jewelry is the most common form of dowry and can range to thousands of dollars, depending on the weight of the gold ornaments sought as dowry. Indian bridal jewelry often makes up part of the bride’s dowry.

Extravagant Indian bridal jewelry is a necessary part of Indian wedding ceremonies and marriage alliances. Deck yourself out in elaborate gold ornaments to display your wealth!

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