Traditional South Indian Bridal Jewellery

Want to buy traditional south Indian bridal jewellery? Read on to discover the pieces of Traditional south Indian bridal jewelry to decorate you from head to toe…

Traditional south Indian bridal jewellery is considered the personal wealth of the bride which serves as an investment in times of need. Traditional south Indian jewelry is created out of solid gold and includes pieces like necklaces, chains, bangles and bracelets along with anklets and earrings. For the bride perhaps one of the most traditional and identifying pieces is the forehead adornment called the matha patti or tikka.

Apart from this traditional south Indian bridal jewelry more and more bridal trousseaus include contemporary pieces which are diamond encrusted. This has become a common trend because initially the traditional South Indian bridal jewelry pieces were extremely heavy and could not be worn regularly. In fact if all the material assets were utilized in the creation of a wedding set it would be devastating in the event of a robbery or natural disasters as the entire piece was lost forever.
It is an interesting fact that gold which is considered a personal item of wealth is purchased throughout the year in India. The collection of South Indian bridal jewelry perhaps begins close to the time when the girl is born. In fact mothers often transfer their own traditional bridal jewelry to each child when they’re getting married.

Traditional South Indian Bridal Jewelry Pieces

The idea of using traditional south Indian bridal jewelry on the wedding day is to enhance the natural beauty of the bride. The tinkling bangles on her hands and jingling bracelets on her ankles highlight her charm as the bride. The Indian bride is literally decked from head to toe in traditional jewelry with the gold that literally starts flowing at the forehead and ends on the toes. Toe rings and anklets adorn the bride’s feet, while the waistband created out of solid gold cinches in the waist to create a shapely visual effect. Armbands and amulets are quite popular along with the forehead adornment called the tikka.

Importance of the Traditional Pieces of Indian Jewelry
Indian bridal jewelry is typical for every region and community. Precious and semi precious stones like emeralds, garnet and jade along with pearls and rubies are utilized in additional South Indian bridal jewelry. An interesting thing is that stones are utilized for the quality of healing the wearer and affect the blood and temperament of the woman.

An important item of Indian weddings and jewelry is the mangal sutar which is a necklace that the husband puts on the wife to celebrate the marriage. This black beaded necklace with the pendant in the center is set to keep evil spirits away from the union. This can be customized in terms of diamond or gold pendant and the length of the string according to the taste of the bride. Traditional South Indian bridal jewelry has the symbol of thaali which is regularly designed as a wide yellow thread in which a gold pendant is suspended. Red and green bangles are an important part of the bridal jewelry in South India and often presented to the bride by the mother.

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