Belgian Asociality

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Belgian Asociality is the name of a musical band representing Belgium in the world of modern contemporary music. The band, which has made it big in recent years is involved in the punk rock genre and is currently touring many nations across the world.

The band was founded by front man vocalist Mark Voste and his partner musician Tom Lumbeeck back in the late 80’s. Although they have been involved in the production of music since then the band has only recently come into light. The fact that most of their songs are in the Dutch language limits their outreach to the people of the language.

Not just about music

The musical ability of  Belgian Asociality is not the only thing that has earned them recognition. In fact the band members are known for their uncanny sense of humor and a habit of pulling weird stunts especially during live performances. Many of their videos have a whacky theme that reflects the nature of their music. The local punk rock fans of Belgium seem to be all too fascinated by this funny punk band.

Rise to fame

The band began recording back in 1988. It was that year that the band had completed their first full album. Not much is known about those early recordings as it did not yield them a fan following as such.

It was their second album that brought the hidden humorous talents and the musical potential of the band into the light. The album was titled “Astamblief” and was produced under the Dutch music label Torso. The most popular track of the album was “Belgian Asociality” named after the band itself. The lyrics were in Dutch and give the audience a clear example of the whacky nature of the band. A translated rhyme from the chorus of the song is as follows:

“The Belgian Asociality, that is not a joke
We take us very serious, we are such handsome blokes
What others think of us, well never mind that
And if they think we are bad, they will not say that twice”

Although the release of the album managed to get the band noticed on a local scene it wasn’t until the release of their album titled ATP in 1995 that the band started making international waves. Their biggest hit song “Morregen” was released in this very album and made it to number one in the Brussels alternative music charts.

By the time of the release of the album the band members had improved their talents and polished their witty sense of humor. The album also contained a parody of a television commercial.

The bands rise to fame has come about due to its witty song writing and funny delivery more than the quality of their music. The Belgian Asociality is known as an entertainment band that experiments with words and music to bring some laughs to their audience.

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