American Eagle Coins

Interested in investing in American Eagle coins? Discover the uniqueness and actual worth of the official bullion coins of the United States…

The United States Mint started minting gold and silver coins in 1986. These coins were known as American Eagle Dollars and were minted on pure gold and silver planks. They assumed the status of official legal tender and with the passage of time became the most popular coins around the world.

American Eagle Gold and Silver Coin Designs

It was in 1896 that the regulating authorities chose Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ version of the Liberty to be the design that would grace the front side of the American eagle gold coin. The first of the coins to be minted with this design was the $20 double eagle gold coin minted back in 1907. The design remained in minting till 1933.

The American Silver Eagle coins on the other hand featured the Walking Liberty design produced by Adolph A. Wienman. This design is considered to be one of the most beautiful designs ever to have been featured on a coin.

The first time this design appeared on a U.S coin was in 1916 when the half dollar silver coin was made using this design. Both the gold eagle and silver eagle coins have been produced in proof and bullion finishes ever since the minting was reassumed in 1986. One of the latest entries into the collection is that of burnished uncirculated coins.

American Eagle Bullion Coins Investment Value

Along with their artistic brilliance American Eagle bullion coins, both gold and silver are an excellent medium of investment. This is because they are highly convenient and a very cost effective way in which you can add some precious metals to your investment portfolio.

All investors know the worth of investing in precious metals like gold and silver and American eagle bullion coins offer them one of the easiest ways to gain possession of these precious metals that do not get devalued when the stocks and currency do.

American Eagle Coin Collecting

The proof versions of the gold and silver American eagle coins are specially produced for the collectors. These coins are put through a special minting process that involves manual feeding of the burnished coin blanks into the presses. These presses bear the design that has to be printed on the coins. In order to get the detailed image on to the surface of the coin in perfection the coins are struck multiple times with the dies.

Once the coins have been stamped they undergo thorough checking at the hands of inspectors and after they have been finalized the coins are secured in specially prepared coin capsules. They are then placed in a special presentation case with satin lined velvet inside to add to its glory.

Along with this recipients also receive a certificate of authenticity issued by the United States Mint guaranteeing the content and purity of the coins. Both the Silver and gold American eagle coins can be purchased directly from the United States Mint.

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