Indian Chief Motorcycle

Want to buy an Indian chief motorcycle? Read on for facts and info on America’s most popular motorcycles and find out about the different Indian chief motorcycle models and their specifications…

Indian motorcycle manufacturing company is credited as being one of America’s oldest manufacturers of two wheelers. Its head office is located in Kings Mountain, North Carolina and was once considered to be the largest motorcycle manufacturing facility in all of America. Over the years the company has produced many popular models and the Indian chief motorcycle is regarded as being one of their best creations.

Indian Chief Styling

This spectacular motorcycle features a chromed teardrop fuel tank complemented by a halogen headlamp. The front end also features auxiliary driving lamps. A color matched die cast console gives the motorcycle an impressive appearance. The black and polished engine topped with chrome covers further adds value to the aesthetics of the bike. The motorcycle sports billet wheels along with chromed spokes.

One of the unique styling features of the Indian chief motorcycle is the two in one stainless steel exhaust system that has a built-in three-way catalytic converter protected by chromed shields. Interested individuals can also incorporate long skirt fenders into the motorcycle body.
Indian Chief Motorcycle Chassis

You will be able to find the Indian chief motorcycle in the solo seat with a black and tan leather cover. The heavy-duty motorcycle has a 5.5 gallon fuel tank. It is further aided by an excellent brembo brake system that has dual floating rotors along with four piston calipers in the front end along with single floating rotor and double piston caliper in the back. You will also find the bike to have two accessory 12 W outlets.
Indian Chief Motorcycle Powertrain

This classic motorcycle is powered by an air cooled pushrod power +105 CI engine. It has a closed loop sequential port injection system that is further complemented by heating oxygen sensors. The hefty ride is a six speed transmission that can take on the rough terrains.

Indian Chief Motorcycle Electrical

The chief has a tank mounted analog speedometer fitted in between its handles. The latest version of this vintage motorcycle has a multifunction digital display. The bike also has a charging system of 42 amps. Brilliant lamps adorn the front and rear end of the motorcycle. A teardrop shaped headlamp along with a glass front fender light is to be found at the front. This is further supported by spotlights that help to stay clear of potholes and bumps on the road during night time.

Over the years the company has released many different versions of the Indian chief motorcycle. The most popular categories include the chief standard, chief deluxe, chief roadmaster and chief vintage. Not only do these different models vary in terms of their physical appearances but they also have different capacities and electrical construction.

The latest in-line of Indian chief motorcycles have been geared up with modern technologically advanced parts and accessories to produce a highly efficient and extremely powerful two wheeler that retains its distinctive style.

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