Indian Ladies Suits

Want to buy Indian ladies suits? Looking for the perfect Indian ladies suit? Read on for facts and info on the traditional attire of Indian women and how it has been introduced into the modern fashion scene…

Every nation has its own range of attire for men and women. India is renowned for its amazing variety of Indian ladies suits that are based on historical designs. Modern Indian fashion designers have added a contemporary twist to the cultural dresses because of which they have acquired international acclaim.

Some of the most popular Indian ladies suits are mentioned below:

Shalwar Kameez

This is perhaps the trademark attire for Indian women. The thing that sets the Shalwar Kameez apart is the fact that it is a very modest dress that women of all ages and sizes can wear. Basically this kind of traditional Indian ladies suit is made up of three parts. They are known as the Shalwar, Kameez and dupatta. The province of Punjab is credited for developing this unique sense of dressing. However over time the Shalwar Kameez has become the dress of choice for Indian woman all across the nation.

Many designers have been able to launch the Shalwar Kameez on to the foreign vogue scene using a variety of different exquisite materials and creative designs. One of the most appealing aspects of this dress is the dupatta which is a draping cloth that is meant to hang around your arms or worn over the shoulder. Many women even use this draping cloth to cover their heads especially when attending important religious functions. You will be able to find much diversity in the kind of Shalwar Kameez designed in India today. Some of the most popular designs include the slit cuts, Patiyala shalwars, churidars, stoles and umbrella styled kameezs.


The Saree is regarded as being the ethnic dress of India and is rightly considered to be the monument of Indian sensuality when it comes to textile design. Each region has its own variation of this traditional dress along with their own way of draping them. It is regarded as being a highly elegant and sophisticated attire which is often reserved for special occasions in certain classes on the other hand some Indian women are more accustomed to the saree for daily wear. The Madrasi saree designs in particular have attracted the attention of the international market. Similarly Rajasthani cotton sarees with mirror work as well as the Banarsi and Kanjeevaram sarees of Tamil Nadu have gained much popularity.

Lahenga Choli

This particular traditional Indian attire is the epitome of cultural fashion. Originating from Rajasthan the Lahenga Choli reflects a festive mood and is full of vibrancy. This dress is available in two varieties known as the chaniya choli and the Ghagra choli. The dress is made up of a long skirt which is known as the Lahenga. This is complemented by the Choli which is a short blouse worn on the top. Most often this dress is also accompanied by the draping cloth known as the dupatta.

The uniqueness of Indian ladies suits has attracted the attention of the global fashion scene. Many Western designers have taken inspiration from the colorful patterns, exquisite styling and intricate artwork that is to be found on these traditional dresses.

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