Ferry Crossing France England

Are you looking for a ferry crossing between France & England? Do you want to know where the shortest and cheapest ferry crossings are? Here we’ve given useful information on prices and times of all the main ferry crossings between France & England

Fares for crossing the ferry between France and England depend largely on which crossing route you chose, as well as the time you year you want to travel. Tickets for ferry crossings to France can be up to three times as expensive in summer than during the winter.

Ferry tickets to France can be bought either as one way, open return or special return where you have to return within 3 to 5 days. Special returns are cheaper than open return ferry tickets, and often buying the ferry ticket in France is cheaper than buying it in England.

Ferry Crossing Dover- Calais

This is the shortest ferry crossing route between France and England as well as the busiest. There are up to 15 crossings between France and England on this route daily with a hovercraft that takes only 35 minutes. However, the availability of hovercrafts are subject to weather conditions as these vessels cannot travel in severe weather. Larger Se Cats, which are catamarans, are able to serve this crossing in severe weather although the crossing time is slightly longer at 50 minutes.

People wishing to go to France purely for the duty free can even purchase a return cruise ticket where there’s no need to get off the boat in France before coming back to England as there is a duty free shop on board the ferry.

Ferry Crossing Folkston- Boulogne

This is another extremely popular ferry crossing route and takes approximately one hour to do the trip. People going to France on a day trip prefer this route as there is more to see in Boulogne than in Calais.  Sea Cats service this crossing four times daily. Cars can be transported on ferries for about 100 GBP, which includes up to five passengers.

Ferry Crossing Poole- Cherbourg

This ferry crossing between France & England is less popular because the journey takes four hours and is only serviced 1-2 times daily.  Cheap return tickets are available on this ferry crossing provided the return journey is made within 10 days of the outward journey.

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