Indian Marriage Flower Decoration

Do you want to know more about the different types of Indian marriage flower decorations? Are you planning a big Indian wedding and so would like to know more about the Indian marriage flower decorations? Read on for more information…

In Indian marriages flower decorations occupy their own place of importance. Certain flowers are considered very auspicious and have to be a part of the ceremony. But then again not only weddings but also other ceremonial and religious occasions warrant flower decorations. Every cultural event will normally include some sort of flower decorations with different motifs.

The belief is that flowers not only make the surroundings look beautiful but also fill the space with positive energy. So then it’s no wonder that flowers are a part of every celebration and joyous occasion. It is also believed that a well-decorated place draws good luck and prosperity. And what better way to decorate a place than with flowers. In Indian weddings not only the wedding venue but also the houses of the bride and groom are decorated with flowers.

Various flowers are used for decoration however the primary contender is marigold which is considered very auspicious. Also these little flowers are available in bright yellow and orange which are considered to be auspicious colors coinciding with the colors of turmeric and sindoor or vermillon which is used in all religious ceremonies. Another reason for the popularity of marigold in flower decorations is the life of the flowers; they stay fresh at least for 2-3 days. The traditional form of flower decoration includes draped and huge marigold garlands. These are used on the doors, the wedding tent and on the car. You will also see marigold petals sprinkled on the floor or used to make a rangoli (auspicious pattern made on the floor).

However, today not only marigolds but other flowers are also gaining importance as far Indian wedding flower decorations are concerned. Primary among them are roses, carnations, gerberas and even orchids. However marigold remains the popular choice because of the low price of these flowers. But then again with Indian marriages getting more and more opulent each season there is certainly no dearth of parents who are willing to spend thousands of dollars for their child’s special day.

Some couples prefer a westernized motif for the decorations and they normally tend to choose white baby roses, lilies, carnations and orchids. Depending on your budget you will find scores of different types of patterns that you can choose from. If you have a theme you can match the colors of the flowers with the theme.

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