Indian Mehndi Designs

Want to learn more about Indian Mehndi designs? Read on to discover the various elements of design and get insight into Indian mehndi design sensibilities…

With the popularity of Indian trends mehndi has now become a fashion accessory across the world. The traditional Indian mehndi designs were used during weddings or religious events in the country. However, this art is now seen as a fashion accessory and utilized as a temporary tattoo and body art form.

International Acceptance of Indian Mehndi

There has been a revival of this trend lately and has been pushed by Western and Indian film and music artists utilizing interesting mehndi designs to create tattoos or symbols on their bodies. The list of famous celebrities who have supported this trend across the globe is fascinating. From Madonna to Drew Barrymore and Demi Moore to Naomi Campbell each of these celebrities have tried out Indian mehndi designs in a different avatar.

Different Techniques of Indian Mehndi Designs

Traditionally Indian women utilize the mehndi paste to decorate their hands and feet and even color their hair. The traditional application of mehndi does not follow elaborate Indian mehndi designs. The paste is simply smeared on the soles of the feet and across the palm or placed in a circular manner at the center of the palm. This is one of the most basic Indian mehndi designs prevalent till today.

The delicate Indian mehndi designs hail from the regions of Rajasthan and are created as a mix of dainty strokes. Crystals and glitter are often used to embellish the Indian mehndi design especially if it is worn at a celebration.

Indian Mehndi Party

A night before the wedding there is an Indian mehndi party celebrated at the bride’s house. This is the relaxing day where the bride spends time with her family and friends and Indian mehndi designs are applied on the bride’s hands and anywhere else to create a beautiful combination of color and fragrance through henna designs.

The family of the bride and her close friends also indulge in this practice. Along with dancing the partygoers listen to music and enjoy great food in the company of friends and family.

Tips for Enjoying Indian Mehndi Application

Make sure you wear loose clothing which can be changed without smudging the designs. Choose the design that you want so that you can show it to the person who will be creating it for you. Be bold and creative by utilizing henna to create armbands or wrist cuffs, anklets and small motifs wherever you desire on the body.

If you want to learn how to apply this paste your self then practice by combining henna powder with liquid black tea, and mix it with lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of sugar to make a thin paste. You can even add a few drops of eucalyptus oil and leave this extra overnight or for a few hours before application. Wash and dry your hands completely and create a plastic cone out of a freezer bag and fill it with the paste. Tighten with a rubber band and make a small hole in the conical tip to release the henna. Now you can create different designs and let them dry on your hand but make sure you keep it out of water for at least eight hours to get that wonderful and long-lasting color.

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