Chinese Zodiac Matches

Want to know which Chinese zodiac signs are compatible with each other? Find out as we take a look at the different Chinese zodiac matches.

The Chinese zodiac is one of the most prominent parts of the unique and mysterious culture of China. It is an age old science that occupies a special place in the lives of the people of the country even today. In fact today they are even more popular as a result of the exposure the zodiac signs have received through mass media.

The zodiac calendar is represented by twelve different animals. These animals have different distinct personality traits that the people born in the year of the animal are considered to possess. The compatibility of one of the signs with the others is one of the branches of this science cum art form. Many of those who follow the Chinese zodiac take interest in this particular aspect of finding which zodiac signs go together.

Rat matches

The cunning rat managed to steal the top spot in the Chinese calendar. The sharp and witty rat makes a great match with the mighty dragon. On the surface the two make an unlikely match but when you compare their personality traits they seem to be quite compatible with each other. The fun loving monkey also makes a great match for the rat although the two have very distinctive personalities.

Ox matches

The ox that represents the second year of the zodiac cycle is known for its stubborn yet hard working nature. It too gets along well with the rat although the rat took advantage of the big bull during the race that determined their order in the zodiac cycle. The ox also makes a great match with the cocky rooster.

Tiger matches

Representing the third year of the cycle is the authoritative tiger. Known for its loving care and stubbornness the tiger enjoys the loyalty of the dog as the two are identified to be highly compatible. The tiger in all its pomp gets along just fine with the egotistical horse.

Rabbit matches

The rabbit and the dog are seen as predator and prey in a real life natural setting but according to the Chinese philosophers the two are highly compatible. The bunny people also get along with the pig that is characterized as possessing a very friendly nature.

Snake matches

The snake, although looked upon as a deadly animal in real life makes a great match with the ox. The seductive snake also manages to attract the attention seeking rooster and the two can build strong relationships according to Chinese zodiac sciences.

Horse matches

The horse is one of the more free-spirited zodiac signs that people find hard to get along with. The dog with its loyalty and faithfulness however makes good friends with the horse and the two can get along well for long. With its grace and glamour the horse makes a great match with the authoritative tiger.

Goat matches

The elegant goat is compatible with the rabbit and can keep good company with the pig. The monkey and the dragon are also get a long guys.


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