Indian Motorcycle Dealers

The economy may be tepid, but Indian motorcycle dealers are heating up fast. Indian was the first American domestic motorcycle manufacturer. Though the brand went dormant after 1953, the Indian motorcycle dealer is making a strong comeback, with pl

The Indian Motorcycle Company set the standard for motorcycles in the 1910s and 20s. They ramped up production of motorcycles for World War II, selling 5,000 Chiefs with sidecars to the government of France. How fitting then, that the new Indian Motorcycle Company opened its first international dealership in Paris in 2009.

Though the Indian motorcycle brand has been owned by three different manufacturers over the past century, the devoted following of these bikes has remained strong throughout. Currently, the company manufactures motorcycles in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. The first new Indian dealership opened in Lowell, NC in 2008, and since that time numerous other dealerships have opened around the country. And it’s not been a moment too soon, because demand for the new 2009 Indian Chief is strong. People who buy Indian motorcycles feel like they are buying a great bike and a unique part of American history.

The flagship dealer that opened in Lowell in October 2008 features stunning architectural flourishes and is a forerunner of all the major market Indian motorcycle dealers. The outside of the dealership has a 50-foot high Indian “front fender” in stainless steel with an Indian head running light at the top. The view is no less impressive from inside the dealership: a revolving turntable proudly displays the new Indian Chief. Video screens throughout run videos of the history of this remarkable brand.

For slightly old-school Indian enthusiasts, the Charlotte store has a number of parts from the “Gilroy era” (1999-2003) and are able to obtain more. If you’re a fan of America’s first motorcycle brand who happens to be traveling near Charlotte, a trip to this Indian motorcycle dealer should definitely be part of your plans.

Since the October 2008 grand opening in Lowell, Indian motorcycle dealerships have opened in Omaha, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Paducah, Witchita, Phoenix, Atlanta, Tampa/St. Pete, Minneapolis, Scranton, Boston, Dallas, Las Vegas, and North Jersey. The company is still pursuing other dealer opportunities, and is interested in becoming partners with innovative businesspeople who are dedicated motorcycle enthusiasts, so there could be still more Indian motorcycle dealers to come. The 2010s could be the brightest era yet for a brand whose history reaches all the way back to the dawn of the 20th century.

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