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Are you considering moving away from the hustling, bustling life of the city? If so, then it is highly recommended that you go through the real estate listings for Arbuckle, California. Arbuckle is a small town with a population close to around 2500 people. When you initially enter the town you are shocked to see a board indicating that only 864 people live in this town. That is just another sign showing the laid back attitude of the town. The sign is really old and has never been replaced or updated.

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The town is located in the southern part of Colusa County, which is about 20 miles away from Colusa the city. Depending on your need, you can look at single family residences, mobile homes, or even multiple family units. You will also be able to buy property purely for commercial use. For example, you can always buy beautiful almond orchids or even a ranch if you wish. For the money they will bring in, no matter what price you pay, they will basically be a steal. Still, it is always wise do to your homework when looking in to real estate listings for Arbuckle, California.Arbuckle, like the rest of California, is connected by Interstate 5, which then intersects with US 99W. Interstate 5 also intersects with Exit 558 or Junction Business Loop 1 to 5, which is located at the south of the state of Maxwell.

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Just like the rest of California, Arbuckle also has a number of major attractions. If those are not satisfactory, there are three major lakes that are just an hour apart also located near Arbuckle. What is even greater about all the recreational activities is the fact that they are reasonably priced, guarantee the best possible time, and are really good for children. They serve as excellent outdoor classrooms, making every trip fun and extremely educational. The attractions and destinations in the area are fun, educational and very affordable.  Located only 60 minutes apart are three major bodies of water: Lake Texoma, Lake Murray and Lake of the Arbuckles.

If you enjoy picnics, stroll down to one of the most scenic and gorgeous landmarks of Arbuckle, California. These landmarks include Chickasaw National Recreation Area, Turner Falls, Arbuckle Mountains, Crossbar Ranch, Lake Murray State Park and the Texoma Lake region.

Not only does each of these exquisite parks offer the opportunity to take amazing pictures, but they also offer amazing playgrounds and activities like hiking, biking and fishing. Moreover, if all else fails you can always opt for water sports.

Arbuckle offers you all the qualities of a good neighborly town while also ensuring that you get the comforts of a city.  So check the real estate listings for Arbuckle, California today.

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