Indian Saree Blouse Designs

Want to update your Indian saree blouse design for a trendy look? Read ahead to find out the latest cuts used to create Indian saree blouse designs…

Indian saree blouse designs have evolved rapidly into fashion statements. With the Indian film industry and other red carpet events creating fashion frenzy all over the world, the Indian saree blouse has also succumbed to the charm of evolving and reinventing itself into a modern-day fashion item.

Originally, the sari blouse was a basic short-sleeved blouse with a round neck on the front and back followed by small hooks to fasten the front of the blouse. Lengths of the blouse varied from chest to waist depending on the region that the Indian sari and blouse originated from.

Variations of the Indian Saree Blouse Design

The latest trend to emerge is a bustier like design with asymmetrical and thin spaghetti straps and a ruffle on the hem of the bustier. It is best teamed with heavy sarees which have large borders that dominate the outfit. A contrasting and light fabric as compared to the Indian saree will allow the blouse to function as a finishing touch that adds freshness and class to the ensemble.

Another option is to use the halter neck design in flowing and classic fabrics like lace or chiffon and combine it with a contrasting trim to finish off the edges.

Another short cropped design is created of the basic Indian saree blouse design where the fabric has embroidery on the border and sleeves in one of the dominating colors picked from the sari. A unique charm and youthful feeling is incorporated by using ruffles along the neck line.

Younger girls prefer saree blouse designs that are similar to the blouses worn in the west and are not quite conservative. However, the more conservative girls utilize puffed short-sleeves tied up with a ribbon for a very charming look for younger girls. The use of the cap sleeve is also very common amongst younger girls who prefer traditional and modest Indian sari blouse designs.

Combination of Different Indian Sari Blouse Designs

Elegance and charm can be replicated into an Indian sari outfit by the use of the traditional material for the blouse and stitching it with full long sleeves and a traditional round neck on the front and back. The same long sleeves can be paired off with a collar or polo neck to create a polished look especially if you use dark colored fabric in classic materials.

To create a very fashionable Indian sari blouse you can use long sleeves with sparkles and sequins to embellish the exposed area and use the tie back and front options to get a classic and fashionable look. The normal bustier and blouse can have a scrunched front to add pleats and an interesting design element to a basic plain saree.

A very traditional looking sari can be modernized with the use of tie backs in the form of tiers, checkered back and double strap or wings. You can create a unique blouse by using pleats, ruffles and braided fabric embellished with beads and crystal.  For an elegant and classy look you can use a belt to secure the waist of a long blouse or even add a small shiny brooch or jewel encrusted piece to the neck or sleeves of the party blouse and create an original look that depicts your individual style.

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