Indian Wars Sword

Want to buy Indian wars swords? Looking for information on a particular Indian war sword? Read on for interesting facts and info on historical swords used by the Army during the Indian wars…

Swords were an integral part of the weaponry with which the U.S. Army fought against the native Indians. The Army personnel were equipped with a variety of different Indian wars swords which have acquired collector’s value over the years.

Some of the most popular Indian wars swords are as follows:

The Model 1840 Cavalry Saber

This special sword was modeled on the 1822 French hussar’s saber. The thing that set this particular sword apart from its light cavalry predecessor was the ridge that went around its quillon. It also featured a leather grip that was wrapped in wire unlike previous swords that had grooves in their wooden handles. Another distinctive feature of the 1840 cavalry saber was the flat slotted throat. It measured 44 inches long from the base of the handle to the tip of the blade. The blade in itself was 35 inches long and the sword weighed in at 61lbs.

The primary function of the 1840 cavalry saber was that of a slashing sword. It also acquired the nickname “Old Wristbreaker” because of its flat backed blade. The U.S. Army was dissatisfied with their original 1833 dragoon saber and welcomed the 1840 cavalry saber with open arms as the ideal replacement. The production of the 1840 cavalry saber seized in 1858 and by that time a total of 23,700 pieces had been made.

M1872 Officer’s Sword

This officer’s sword is regarded as being an excellent addition to a beginner’s collection. It was not the perfect sword in terms of its construction and function yet it gained popularity as it was adopted by the U.S. Army and remained in use for quite some time. The M1872 officer’s sword was characterized by its short blade along with the beautiful patina. It featured a brass guard that was adorned by the American Eagle symbol. The grip of the sword was coated with leather and then wrapped in wire. The scabbard on the sword was nickel plated which helped to make the sword durable.

M1872 Officer’s Saber

This particular sword was added to the collection of Indian war swords in 1872. The distinctive characteristic of this particular sword was its slightly curved blade. The blade measured 32 inches in length which was the optimum length for one-on-one fighting. The trademark American Eagle symbol along with the stars is to be found on the brass guard. One of the things that add value to this particular sword is the fact that the American Eagle symbol was gold plated. The sword was made to wear a leather covered hilt which provided the user with an excellent tight grip. In order to further fortify the grip it was given a twisted wire wrap. The 1872 officer’s saber featured a metal scabbard as well. The sword measured 42 1/2 inches in length from the tip of the blade to the bottom of the handle.

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