Indian Wear Anarkali Cotton Suits

Want to buy Indian wear Anarkali cotton suits? Read on to find out about the kind of variety you will be able to find in Indian style Anarkali cotton suits…

Indian fashion is the perfect combination of modern fabrics and classy cuts. One such item is the traditional Indian wear anarkali cotton suit which is available in different designs. These vary from casual to formal wear cotton suits. The beauty of this outfit is that it can be worn at any time and any occasion because it’s a standard classic outfit.

Indian Wear Anarkali Cotton Suits Styles

Some of the more traditional Indian wear anarkali cotton suits are created out of fine muslin fabric which has delicate and exquisite embroidery all across the bodice and front panel. The beautiful colors range from pastels to solid black, white and brown. These may be worked on with similar colored embroidery or highlighted with a contrasting color.

The scarf utilized with this outfit is created out of 3 1/2 yards of the same material as the shirt. It is often starched heavily and crushed to create crinkled pleats all across its length. The border of this scarf is finished with lace, beaded strings or crochet designs. The pants are called churidar and created out of a solid color fabric from the color scheme prevalent in the Indian wear anarkali cotton suit.

Embroidery on Indian Wear Anarkali Cotton Suits

No Indian outfit is completed without the traditional embroidery. On the Anarkali cotton suit the embroidery is replicated in three or four main areas. The first one can be the coverage of the entire bodice or bust area and back. This is worked intricately with different colored threads and may include further embellishment in the form of crystals, beads and silver or gold strings.

Embroidery may also be concentrated on the pleats running down the front of the shirt and replicated on the back also. For that the base of the shirt which falls below the knee is also embellished with a heavy border which may either be embroidered directly onto the cloth or be stitched separately.

The sleeves on the traditional Indian wear anarkali cotton suit are usually full length with ruffles on the end which are secured by a small button. However, it is often seen that the trendy and modern version includes half sleeves or may also be worn sleeveless.

If they are to be worn on a daily basis then the embellishment is kept to a minimum and for a formal look only solid colors in flat cotton are utilized. Further the pants may be straight and fitted with out any of the ruffles at the ankle.

Again for a professional looking outfit which can be worn to work the scarf is usually solid colored and decorated with minimal finishing on the borders. For a party look the colors are accentuated and beautiful hues are combined together to create unique Indian cotton outfits.

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