Indian Wedding Dress

Indian weddings are huge celebrations that can last for the better part of a week. There are a number of ceremonies involving the bride’s family, and a number involving the groom’s side of the family. The decorations are stunningly beautiful, and

If you have ever been to an Indian wedding or have seen pictures from one, you know what a huge occasion it is. Days of celebration both before and after the actual marriage ceremony involve both the bride’s and the groom’s family, and many of the festivities require the most formal Indian clothing and venue decorations that are truly palatial.

The colors red and gold are considered lucky for brides, and many of them choose red sarees or dresses with intricate gold embroidery. The particular shade of red may depend on personal taste, or on whether a warmer red, with more yellow in it, or a cooler red, with more blue in it suits the bride’s skin tone.

But Indian wedding sarees and dresses do not have to be red and gold. Some brides choose bright pinks, shades of turquoise, gorgeous tangerine shades, golds, and purples. Because of the use of so many different colors by Indian brides, there is more scope for creativity than there is with the plain white or off-white western dress. But there are Indian brides whose choices are influenced by western trends, and who choose dresses of white covered or edged with meticulous gold embroidery.

Salwar kameez, or a popular clothing style for Indian women, consist of a tunic like top with open seams below the waist for freedom of movement, along with narrow trousers in a complementary color and style. These can be made up into beautiful bridal clothes in richly embroidered silks, cotton-silk blends, viscose, and a number of other fabrics.

The bride must participate in several ceremonies during her wedding celebration, and her clothing will change depending on the location, the solemnity of the ceremony, and her personal taste. But all of her wedding clothing is stunning, accessorized with lots of beautiful gold jewelry and often henna designs on her hands.

Indian weddings are such elaborate affairs because they are seen as the union not only of two people, but of two families. Both the bride’s and the groom’s families are heavily involved in the rituals before, during, and after the actual marriage ceremony. The Indian wedding dress or other wedding clothing reflects the joy of the occasion and the enormous significance of it in the lives of both families.

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