Mexican Pride Tattoos

Mexican Pride Tattoos

Are you proud to be Mexican? Want to show of that pride to the whole world? Well, if you’re looking for a Mexican pride tattoo you should read our information guide about designs and their meanings.

Mexico is a country with a diverse ethnic population and huge geographic variations. Despite this, it’s fair to say that Mexicans in general, whatever their ethnicity, are a proud people with a long & rich history and culture. Tattoos are very much part of the national culture, especially among men; however, this appears to be even more so amongst Mexicans living in the US and US citizens of Mexican origin. There are various themes that tend to be used in Mexican pride tattoos, some of which have been detailed below.

Mexican Aztec Pride

These tattoos are more popular amongst Mexicans who consider themselves to be the original inhabitants of the land, as opposed to those of European decent who came comparatively recently with the advent of Spanish colonialism. In reality, however, the distinction is often blurred as there has been a considerable amount of intermarriage over the centuries. Nonetheless, many Mexicans take pride in their Aztec roots and draw upon Aztec symbolism in creating their Mexican pride tattoos. The Aztecs were a proud and independent civilization who achieved many great feats in fields such as architecture and astrology. The Aztecs portrayed gods in glyphs that can be seen across Mexico today. Most native Mexican pride tattoo designs include the sun and sun god, other astrological symbols and symbols of sacrifice. Aztec pride tattoos focus on symbols important to these indigenous people of North America, including the Aztec dagger. Other tattoo designs, including sun tattoos focus largely on astronomical symbols and natural forces.

 Mexican Regional Pride Tattoos

Perhaps the most popular of Mexican pride tattoos inside Mexico are related to regional pride. Being such a large country, it’s quite natural that there are noticeable differences between the different regions of Mexico, and very often locals take pride in being from their hometown and want that to feature in their tattoo. Mexicans from certain provinces of Mexico, such as Sonora and Chihuahua are especially proud of their heritage. Many Mexican pride tattoos of this kind comprise of backgrounds taking the shape of their home region along with a foreground of a family crest or the name of their area.

Mexican US Pride Tattoos

Most Mexicans, whether they be living in the US or Mexico have strong religious beliefs, and very often this faith manifests itself in the form of a religiously inspired tattoo. Usually Mexican religious tattoos focus on religious figures of the Roman Catholic Church – including Christ, the Virgin Mary or biblical saints.

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