North Indian Baby Names

Interested in North Indian baby names? Read on for a comprehensive list of North Indian baby name choices for both boys and girls…

Northern India comprises Jammu, Kashmir, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Bihar, Bengal, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan. The languages spoken in this area belong to the Indo-Germanic family of languages and include Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Saraiki, Gujarati, Marathi, Sindhi, Bengali, and Oriya. There has also been Persian influence through the Mogul Empire on Hindi and Urdu primarily. As such baby names in North India have strong Aryan, Persian, and Arabic influences.

North Indian Boy’s Names

Some common North Indian Muslim boy’s names are Abdul Aziz meaning “servant of the most powerful Lord”, Abdur Raheem meaning “servant of the most compassionate Lord”, Farrukh meaning “happy”, Ibrahim which is Arabic for Abraham, Khaleel meaning “loyal friend”, and Mohammad meaning “highly praised”. Most of these names are of Arabic origin with a few such as Babar, Humayun, Farhat, and Alamzeb having Persian or Turkic origins.

Christians in all of India mostly choose English first names but they may have last names derived from their ancestral professions, place of origin, or other discriminators. Hindus mostly choose to name their babies after mythological characters in their sacred stories the Mahabharata and Ramayana.

Popular names from Hindu myth are Anil meaning “the god of wind”, Arjun who was a main Pandava character in Mahabharata, Ganga after the sacred river Ganges, the brothers Rama and Lakshman from the Ramayana,.

Other popular North Indian baby names are Ashoka meaning “without sadness”, Haridas meaning “slave of God”, Mohan meaning “attractive”, Raj meaning “kingdom”, Rajeev meaning “blue lotus” and Rajendra meaning “mighty king”.

Also popular amongst the Hindus of Northern India are names such as Rajesh meaning “king”, Ravinder meaning “the Sun”, Rohit meaning “the Sun’s first red rays”, Samir meaning “early morning fragrance or breeze” and Sandeep meaning “lighted lamp”.

The list goes on to include Satish meaning “one who speaks truth”, Sudhir meaning “resolute”, Sunil meaning “sapphire”, Vijay meaning “victory”, Vikram meaning “bravery”, Vikrant meaning “courageous or victorious”, and Vivek meaning “conscience”.

North Indian Girl’s Names

Some common North Indian Muslim girl’s names are Aasima meaning “protector”, Erum meaning “heaven”, Faiza meaning “victorious”, Farah meaning “beautiful”, Ghazala meaning “doe”, Iffat meaning “virtue” and Jamila meaning “beautiful”. These names have been influenced by various foreign cultures which includes both Arabic and Persian influences.

Lateefa meaning “gentle”, Lubna meaning “vanilla-like fragrance from the plant Styrax”, Mehak meaning “fragrance”, Majeeda meaning “glorious and Nadia meaning “someone who calls out” are also popular names in North India. The list also includes names like Saeeda meaning “happy”, Tahira meaning “pure”, Yasmine meaning “jasmine”, and Zakia meaning “wise”.

Popular North Indian Hindu girl’s names include Aditi meaning “the Earth – mother of Gods”, Amisha meaning “beautiful”, Anuradha meaning “goddess of good luck”, Archana meaning “worship” and Asha meaning “aspiration”.

Also inspired by Hindu traditions are names such as Basanti meaning “spring”, Deepika meaning “a small lamp”, Deepti meaning “brightness”, Diya meaning “lamp”, Geeta named for the Hindu sacred texts, Isha for “protector”, Kajal meaning “eyeliner”, and Kavita meaning “poem”.

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