Royal Enfield India New Models Motorbike

Are you interested in learning about the new models of motorbikes produced by Royal Enfield in India? Are you considering purchasing a new model of motorbike manufactured in India by Royal Enfield? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Royal Enfield was established in India in 1955. When the company was first established in India bike kits utilized in assembly were imported from the United Kingdom while assembly was done in India; today the entire motorbike is produced and assembled in India. Royal Enfield produces many models of motorbikes, all of which produce distinctively styled and well powered motorbikes. The most notable style of motorbike is the Bullet model which dominates Indian roads. Royal Enfield models are endorsed by the Indian army as well as the local police. It is also important to note with today’s environmental concerns that Royal Enfield motorbikes meet emission restrictions.

Thunderbird Twinspark

The Thunderbird Twinspark is the first model of motorbike to feature Royal Enfield’s new unit construction engine. The model also includes a high engine efficiency that serves well in the cities of India and the world. It is also of note that this model includes a mix of old and new features. This motorbike is available in red, white and black colour schemes. This motorbike is also a model of middling speed with its maximum speed of 120 km per hour.

Bullet Machismo 500

The Bullet model of motorbike is the classic style of Royal Enfield designs; however, the company has updated this classic form to create new and unique models. The Bullet Machismo 500 has a higher torque than the traditional design. This new variation of the model includes unique 19 inch wheels and is available only in a black colour scheme. This new model of motorbike is one of the faster models available by Royal Enfield as the maximum speed it can reach is 130 km per hour. The Bullet Machismo 500 is available within India, as well as internationally in Europe, the United States and Australia; however, it is of note that only 500 motorbikes in this model were produced.

Bullet Electra 5S

The Bullet Electra 5S is another new model produced by Royal Enfield. This model of motorbike includes a unique left side five speed gear shift. This motorbike includes a push button start, which ensures quick take offs. This model is ideal for city life as gas filled shocks allow for the motorbike to easily glide over potholes. The Bullet Electra 5S is available in a red design. This model lacks a little engine speed compared to other models as the maximum speed is 100km per hour.

Bullet 350

The Bullet 350 is the classic model produced by Royal Enfield in India. This model has been updated as it has kept pace with advancing and new technology. The main features of the Bullet 350 are the long wheel base and big tires. These features allow for increased stability, which is ideal for long distance driving. This model of motorbike is created in a black and gold colour pattern. The Bullet 350 has a maximum engine speed of 100km per hour.

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