ATV Tours South Africa

Want to go on a South African ATV Tour? Learn more about the adventures of ATV tours in South Africa…

The amazing tours offered by ATV in South Africa are very popular for their terrain and the opportunity to catch a glimpse natural wildlife and allow tourists to use the all-terrain vehicle or four-wheel-drive to navigate all over the South African region. As the track continues it is possible to take in the sights and sounds of the grass-covered ridges and the blistering heat cooled off by the windswept Transkei.

An expedition can be taken to navigate the entire veld of Mozambique by signing up with ATV Action Tours, who are considered the leading providers of ATV tours  in South Africa.

These Quad bike tours in South Africa are top notch and cover all the expenses that start from the minute a tourist lands in Johannesburg. There are no hidden costs just simple adventure, which includes custom arrangements. A group of nine to a maximum 15 people must be available for a tour that lasts a minimum of two weeks and maximum of three weeks.

These small size tours have multilingual and multicultural groups so it’s possible to travel with a diverse international group of people and make new friends as you navigate the South African regions.

Equipment provided by ATV tours in South Africa

The equipment used by the tour provider is the latest Polaris 500s. The rider is held responsible for any damage caused by collisions, accidents or rollovers. The reservation policy requires a person to put down a $1000 deposit on booking and the balance is supposed to be paid 30 days before the tour date. The reservation money is not returned upon cancellation in the event another group does not fall into place to make up for the loss of cancellation. It is a good idea to get insurance coverage before embarking on this trip.

One of the more unique expeditions is the Ranger Expedition, which is available from April to October. It is also good for seeing the outback in Africa in two simultaneous safaris. Using the 700 cc fully equipped Polaris Rangers it is possible to take on this camping-based trip.

Completely self-sufficient it is possible to sleep in the wild and navigate no more than 150 km a day, which makes it a 400 km trip. A great adventure is in the making for couples and it is a good idea to be well prepared. It is recommended that you bring your own sleeping bag and riding gear. The supplier provides the tents and luggage goes immediately into the Rangers.

Light rain gear is required because rain, although rare, is possible. Since 12 V charging is available it is necessary that your cell phone charger be compatible with that power supply. Visas will be required before departure because every border crossing will require a visa check.

The next highly recommended expedition is the Mozambique Ranger Expedition. It includes a flight out to the international airport at Beira Mozambique. From there onwards the staff transfers guests into the Rangers to begin the tour immediately. One sightseeing spot is the famous grave of Mary Moffat Livingstone, who was the wife of David Livingstone. He was the first white man to lay his eyes on the glorious Victoria Falls.

Other sightseeing spots include the magnificent Cahorra Basa hydro-electric scheme, which is the second largest manmade dam in the African continent. The longest African train bridge, which runs 3.7km across the mighty Zambezi River is also a part of the tour and there is an opportunity to catch the hot water springs and early forts made by the Portuguese traders.


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