South Indian Bridal Saree Jewelry

Want to buy South Indian bridal saree jewelry? Read on to find out about the kind of bridal jewelry that is worn with a traditional south Indian saree…

South Indian sarees are lauded for their exquisite prints, intricate designs and the use of exotic materials. Today these sarees have become popular bridal wear far beyond the borders of South India. However in order to capture the complete South Indian bridal look you need to incorporate some trademark south Indian bridal jewelry that is specifically created to be worn with the saree.

When it comes to South Indian bridal jewelry gold is the medium of choice for every single jewelry article that you will be wearing. The gold jewelry is often adorned with a traditional setting of diamonds as well as other precious stones. Traditionally the jewelry for South Indian brides was extremely bulky and can be considered quite gaudy. The modern brides however prefer to go with lighter jewelry that is more wearable.

The amount of jewelry that South Indian brides were traditionally made to wear actually weighed them down. Since the jewelry was so precious it was considered to be a part of the bride’s personal wealth and hence termed as streedhan.

Essential South Indian Saree Jewelry

Amongst the essential jewelry articles that South Indian brides would wear are anklets. Traditionally anklets would be extremely delicate and their purpose would be to amplify the delicacy of the bride’s feet. Similarly bangles were also considered to be a must for every South Indian bride. They would wear sets of Indian bangles in both hands. You have a lot of variety to choose from when it comes to the kind of bangles that you can wear with your South Indian saree. You have the traditional colored glass bangles decorated with glitter or the extremely precious gold and silver bangles adorned with intricate carving.

The focal point of the bride’s attire is the necklace which is worn around the neck. This was the single most important jewelry article for the bride. Traditional necklace designs were extremely bulky and displayed exquisite craftsmanship. A typical South Indian necklace can be worth millions. A number of other jewelry articles have become less popular in today’s Times. This includes ornaments such as armlets and waistbands.

Popular South Indian Jewelry Materials

The South Indian style of jewelry has its own exquisite selection of materials that are used to produce the various jewelry articles. Garnet, Jade, emerald, pearl, amethyst and coral are the most popularly used precious stones in South Indian bridal saree jewelry. The Indians believe each stone has a special healing power the wearer can benefit from. They have a unique concept of using nine precious stones in a setting called the navarathnas. These could be seen incorporated in earings and finger rings. When it comes to the necklace the gold and diamond combination is the all-time classic.

South Indian women also wear a thaali which was considered to be a symbol of marriage. The thaali was actually a thick yellow thread that was worn along with a gold pendant. South Indian sarees are almost always made of silk and decorated with different elements such as black and gold beads. They may also feature intricate embroidery work using gold and silver threads.

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