West Indian Bangles .925 Solid Silver

Looking to buy West Indian Bangles in .925 Solid Silver? Read on to find out the classic and contemporary designs available for the West Indian Bangle crafted in .925 Solid Silver…

West Indian bangles in pure silver are a piece of African and Indian heritage which were transferred to the West Indies during the times when slavery flourished in the world. In India, married women wear bangles as a sign of being married and in Africa where the bangle has been worn for over 200 years as an accessory to adorn them selves. The bangles are traditionally made out of glass, silver and gold. However, different materials like agate and wood or ivory are also utilized to create this wrist adornment.

Traditionally the local Indian bangles are made out of glass and not very durable. Apart from that they are inflexible and fit only one wrist size. Conversely West Indian bangles are available in .925 solid silver and because the edges are open they are flexible and can fit different sizes. They’re usually sold and used in a pair making them very popular in the West Indies and a perfect gift item for people across the world. In fact since the West Indians utilized the bangles of .925 solid silver for the purpose of adornment they are also available in children’s sizes specially the ones for babies. Therefore, these cultural symbols are utilized and promoted for all age groups in the West Indies.

Symbolism Utilized in West Indian Silver bangles

Symbolism is very heavy in West Indian jewelry design. The traditional bangle is over two centuries old and heavily utilized in Jamaica, Africa the West Indies and India. The quality of these bangles has improved drastically over the years making them popular in mainstream Western and Asian cultures also.

The Romantic Island Hook bangle is one of the most popular West Indian silver bangle designs and this symbolic hook has deeper meanings attached to it. This West Indian bangle if worn with the hook facing towards the wearer’s heart indicates that your heart belongs to someone and you share your love with that person. However, if the wearer clasps the bangle with the hook facing away from their heart then it opens the way for romance and fortune to come their way.

West Indian bangles are traditionally available in pure silver and the knobs of the bangles have animal, fruit and geometric shapes and each symbolize something important in the West Indian culture. For the creation of the West Indian bangle, slabs of solid silver are melted to get .925 solid silver which is then rolled and shaped with the hammer and molded to create unique bangles.

The conch shell is another popular symbol of the West Indian culture and is used profusely in the creation of jewelry especially West Indian bangles. These may be embellished with different local stone. The silver bangles which have the lining of the conch shell have a pretty light pink and orange color. Apart from this West Indian bangles with the lion head on the knob are purchased in pairs and are quite popular. Apart from the basic strip of silver, the latest designs involve three or four bangles being suspended together with a stone to hold them together. You can fact find designs of silver rope, hammer beaten silver bangles and Lapiz and Topaz studded silver bangles.

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