West Indian Silver Bangles

Looking for authentic West Indian Silver Bangles? Read on to find out what styles of the West Indian silver bangle are popular across the world…

The West Indian bangle has been part of the traditional culture in Jamaica, Africa, India and the West Indies for over two centuries. The roots of the West Indian silver bangle lie in a mix of Africa and India. These two cultures have different symbolic uses of the bangle. In India a bangle or set of bangles are worn by married women to symbolize their status.

In Africa women wear the bangle to adorn themselves. Over the decades the quality and different designs of these basic silver bangles have improved and moved with the times. This has allowed an endearing tradition that is over 200 years old to be brought into present times in a contemporary fashion. Not only are the bangles created in silver but in more precious metals like pure gold and platinum. The affluence of the wearer basically depicts the use of metal, however the quintessential West Indian silver bangle is a mainstay in most women’s jewelry collections.

The unique circular design which encircles the wrist of the woman has been designed to incorporate different symbols at the end of the circle. From fruits to different animals from each of the cultures in this region, each bangle looks authentic and unique in its own right. The West Indian Silver bangles actually paid homage to the extremely rich culture and heritage of the region.

The best bangles are the ones that are handcrafted. Silver is melted to get slabs of 92.5% pure silver and then rolled out and die cut into shapes. If the dyes are not utilized then the hammer and chisel is used to create different handmade bangles in different sizes. The solid bangles are quite flexible and long-lasting and mostly fit different wrist sizes. They’re usually purchased in pairs and give off a soft tinkling noise each time they collide with each other.

West Indian Silver Bangles Styles

A very popular bangle is one that has the Adinkara symbol and it is created by hand and the entire bangle has a silver rope which is twisted to make the braid created out of silver. This stunning and beautiful design of the West Indian silver bangle looks elegant and can be worn at any time.

West Indian Silver bangles are also created to showcase the might of the elephant. Not only is it a good fashionable pair since animals are popular across the world, the elephant head bangle looks stunning as the pair of elephant heads are reflected at the edges of the bangle. This contemporary style is heavier when compared to other West Indian Silver bangles and is available in pairs.

Symbolic Icons of the Silver Bangles from West Indies

For the legendary Caribbean jewelry piece the staple and iconic conch shell is also utilized to create a beautiful silver pair of bangles. This is unique in that two bangles created out of silver have silver conch shells suspended in the center.

Often these bangles have semiprecious and unique West Indian stones set in the silver frame. The Caribbean topaz, lapis lazuli, turquoise and larimar are some of the more popular stones which are utilized in the creation of West Indian silver bangles.

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