Caribbean Irish Moss

Interested in Caribbean Irish moss? Find out about Irish moss and its popularity in the Caribbean region…

Belonging to the red alga family Irish moss is a seaweed of North Atlantic nature. This edible seaweed is popular for the many health benefits that it carries. Irish moss is consumed on a wide scale in the Caribbean countries where it is used to produce a rather unique tasting drink.

The Caribbean Irish moss is not something that everybody can drink. It is a healthy drink, primarily due to the use of Irish moss but at the same time it may have a slightly pungent taste for the first timer.

How to make Caribbean Irish moss

You need not visit the Caribbean coastline in order to have a taste of this nutritious drink. Rather you can make it at home following a few simple guidelines. First of all you will need to purchase some Irish moss from the market. Irish moss is available in two forms, fresh and dried. For making Caribbean Irish moss using the dried variety you will require around 50 grams whereas 20 grams of fresh Irish moss would suffice. Other ingredients that you need along with this are lots of water, milk and grated nutmeg. If you want to add a nice flavor to the drink then you can make use of strawberry syrup. Sugar will be added to taste.

Dried Irish moss needs to be kept submerged in water for a couple of hours prior to making use of it for the drink. On the other hand all you have to do for the fresh moss is to clean off the dirt and sand and remove the unwanted parts.

Next up you will place the Irish moss in water and simmer it over the stove until you find it to be soft and tender. Make sure you take it to a level where the water starts to boil. Once this happens you can strain the liquid using a muslin cloth. The milk and nutmeg is added to this liquid in proportionate quantity. Next you will add the strawberry syrup and sugar to give it a nice flavor. When serving Caribbean Irish moss make sure you refrigerate it for a couple of hours so as to have it chilled.

Health benefits of the drink

Caribbean Irish moss has the potential to boost the body’s metabolism. This is achieved due to the presence of a substance known as carageenan. At the same time the consumption of Irish moss helps to make the immune system stronger. The seaweed performs the functions of a water soluble fiber which acts as a lubricant for the intestines.

The North Atlantic seaweed has been identified to have the potential to absorb harmful toxins that are present in the body. The seaweed is also being used by herbalists for treating skin problems like eczema and rashes whereas conventional medicine has acknowledged its potentialities in treating various lung conditions. Rich with essential minerals Irish moss is a unique seaweed that is popularly consumed in the Caribbean islands.

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