Breckenridge Dog Kennels

Although pets can bring their owners hours of irreplaceable joy, it can be difficult to know what to do with your dogs if you decide to go away. No need to worry, however, as they are plenty of reputable dog kennels in and around Breckenridge that can take care of your precious pets while you are out of town. Read on for more information about some trusted dog kennel companies…

Breckenridge Dog House

Breckenridge Dog House is a kennel that aims to make dog owners completely relaxed about leaving their animals with them while they are away. The Dog House offers a comprehensive dog care service, including long term boarding, doggy daycare, dog walking and grooming. You can contact Breckenridge Dog House through their website, on

DnR Kennels

DnR is a full time pet boarding facility that is able to look after not only dogs, but also all other pets. They are also qualified to handle aggressive, difficult and in heat dogs. They have spacious dog kennels and walk the dogs daily. They can be contacted on 970 435 6708, or via email at dnratdnrkennelsdotcom

Snaggle Foot

Snaggle offers dog boarding, dog day care and cat boarding in Breckenridge. They differ from other pet boarding services in that your dog is cared for in the owner’s home, rather than in traditional kennels, meaning that they will not be cooped up in small cages or runs.

With all these fantastic pet grooming and pet kennel services to choose from, you can rest assured that your dog will be well cared for in and around Breckenridge.

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