Crockpot Irish Stew

Interested in crockpot Irish stew? Do you want to know about the many different crockpot stew varieties available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right stew for your meal.

Different Types of Crockpot Irish Stew

A crockpot is a slow cooker that’s significantly different from a pressure cooker in that the ceramic pot, termed a crock, cooks food at normal pressure. It is an electrical cooking ware that keeps a low temperature, allowing for the slow cooking of tough meat like mutton and beef until tender. The food normally cooks for many hours and you can leave the crockpot unattended in the meantime.

Irish stew can be easily made in a crockpot. You could make lamb stew or beef stew, variations of Irish stew. If you fancy seafood, the crockpot is ideal for Irish stew with flavors from the sea. The cooking time for Irish stew purely of vegetables and seafood may be much less compared to lamb or beef Irish stew. Crockpot stew that consists wholly of vegetables is somewhat of a rarity as the green vegetables tend to become very over cooked.

How to Cook Crockpot Irish Stew

As a crockpot cooks food for long hours at low temperatures, conventional recipes must be altered to suit the specific characteristics of crockpot cooking. The water element should be reduced as the crockpot prevents the loss of vapor. Crockpots are excellent for making lamb, mutton or beef Irish stew, with tough joints of meat full of lean muscle fiber and connective tissue.

For a nutritious pot of Irish stew, cut the lamb or beef into small cubes and put them into the crockpot half filled with water. Add in cubed potatoes, celery, onions, carrots, marjoram and thyme. Sprinkle frozen peas and mix lamb or beef stock into the crockpot stew. Add tomato paste then cover the lid of the crockpot and put the heat on low. Set the timer for 8 to 10 hours and allow the ingredients to cook slowly into Irish stew.

For busy professionals, crockpot Irish stew is an excellent choice for a quick meal. With the timer, you can mix the meat and vegetables in the crockpot with water, stout or wine, then leave for work whilst the food cooks slowly. When you return in the evening, your crockpot Irish stew will be ready for dinner!

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