Fleetwood Farms Irish Setters

Looking for Fleetwood Farms Irish setters? Want to know about the different varieties of Irish setter available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the Irish setter for you…

Fleetwood Farms was started in 1942 in Ohio as breeders of Irish setters. For the past few decades, Fleetwood Farms Irish setters have been known for their distinctive rich mahogany red fur and high quality pedigree. The Irish setters have been sold as family pets and many have progressed to become show dogs, winning numerous titles at canine championships. The well bred Irish setters are suitable as household companions for young families and pets for growing children as the breed is known for its calm temperament.

Fleetwood Farms Irish setters have generation pedigree records. Irish setter puppies bred for sale come complete with a sale agreement, a record of the relevant veterinarian vaccinations together with a written veterinarian examination. The puppies are de-wormed and purchasers will get articles on the proper care of the Irish setters as part of the sales package.

Fleetwood Farms Irish setters are born and raised within the family home at Fleetwood Farms. The very dark mahogany coats of the Irish setters are a trademark of this breeder. Both male and female puppies are generally available for sale. The Irish setters are trained as home dogs and do not live outside in kennels.

Buying Irish Setters From Fleetwood Farms

Fleetwood Farms Irish setters are champion show dogs and the pedigree of the breed is unquestionable. Each Irish setter’s bloodline is carefully compiled and available for inspection by prospective buyers. Mostly, Irish setter puppies are sold to interested purchasers across the United States. The puppies are also shipped worldwide.

In order to reserve Fleetwood Farms Irish setters, whether a puppy or an adult dog, a buyer must pay a non-refundable deposit. A sales agreement must be signed to hold the puppy. A stud service of Irish setters is available only to approved female Irish setters. Fleetwood Farms also participates in the rescue of Irish setters in physical danger or gone missing.

If you want to own a champion show dog, Fleetwood Farms Irish setters are the ideal choice. You can purchase Irish setter puppies and have them shipped to any part of the US or worldwide. The Irish setters are fully vaccinated and come with a veterinarian’s certificate of health confirming that the puppy is free from disease and other abnormalities.

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