Golf Shops in Ireland

Looking for golf shops in Ireland? Find out about the leading golf shops of Ireland and what they have to offer…

Being one of the premier golfing destinations of the world you are bound to find a plethora of Golf Shops in Ireland. Residents and visitors will practically be able to find any and all kinds of golf equipment that they are looking for in these shops.

Some of the most well renowned Golf Shops in Ireland are as follows:

Halpenny Golf

This is one of the most trusted and well established golf shops of Ireland. It is renowned for its high quality services and a diverse range of equipment that it has to offer. You will be able to find a host of golf equipment from some of the top manufacturers in the world. Furthermore the shop offers big discounts to its customers along with which they have first class after sales support to offer. This is the ultimate source for purchasing brand new golfing gear with guarantee. In case you need to find out some information or get advice you can always visit the company website. Their stores are located in Swords and Drogheda.

Golf Shop Ireland

This is one of the premier sources for world class golf equipment in Ireland. The organization operates in three major cities of Ireland along with which it also operates on the internet. The company gives you the opportunity to shop by brand from their website as well as their retail outlets. They have a huge Golf shop on Harbor Road in Howth with two more in Dublin at Blanchardstown Retail park and Leapardstown race course.

Elverys Sports

Established back in 1847 Elverys Sports is credited as being the oldest, and consequently one of the most trusted sports stores in Ireland. The company was taken over by Staunton Sports in 1998 and now has over fifty branches across the nation. Not only does the company offer you a plethora of golf gear but it also possesses in depth knowledge regarding golfing equipment which makes them the most reliable source.

They know their business and they know their gear which is what causes the masses to do business with them. Elverys sports is visited by first time golfers as well as all time pros. Along with purchasing your golfing gear you will also be able to find top class golf wear ranging from on field shoes to shirts, T-shirts, trousers and shorts.

Birr Golf Shop & Driving Range

This is one of the more aggressive golf shops of Ireland. The company has established quite a reputation for itself since it started operating back in 1991. With the passage of time the company has gained credibility transforming it into one of the premier golf shops of the country.

You will be able to find all major brands for golfing gear along with a wide range of clothing and accessories. The company is also authorized for conducting repair work on Golf Glider, Powakaddy and Frasier golfing equipment making it the ultimate one stop shop for golfers in Ireland.

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