Yachting in Turkey

Do you want to charter a Yacht in Turkey? Do you need to know the Yachting laws and regulations in Turkey? Our guide to yachting in Turkey tells you the facts & information.

The best place for yachting in Turkey is along the extensive Mediterranean Coast that borders the South of Turkey. The Aegean Sea and the Sea of Marmaris are also good places for yachting in Turkey. The weather in Turkey during the summer months is ideal for yachting and the clear blue Mediterranean Waters of Turkey are warm and delightful.  There are several well equipped harbours running from Istanbul in the north down to Antalya and along the Southern coast of Turkey. These are good for mooring your yacht when you want to take a break from yachting to go on land and enjoy some of the entertainment and attractions in Turkey other than yachting.  When yachting along the south of Turkey, one will see hundreds of small rural villages dotted across the landscape on the shoreline of Turkey.  There are also beautiful rolling hills and even mountains in the distance to be seen while yachting in Turkey. The north westerly winds which blow throughout the summer months make Turkey a great place for yachting.  For those interested in yachting who don’t have their own yacht, there are several companies in Turkey that also offer chartered yacht trips around Turkey.

Yachting laws and regulations in Turkey

Turkey allows Yachts from other countries to moor in Turkey’s harbours and sail in Turkey’s waters provided the owner of the Yacht is on board. If the yacht is jointly owned then at least one joint owner must be on board the yacht. There are no restrictions on having Turkish nationals on board foreign yachts provided no commercial transactions take place. Foreign Yachts may be left in a harbour in Turkey for up to 2 years. If the foreign owner of the yacht wishes to leave Turkey he/ she should carry with him/her a note of authorisation from the harbour. Those wishing to keep their yachts permanently in Turkey and do periodic yachting there can leave the yacht in a Turkish harbour for up to 5 years provided that the yacht is sailed once every 2 years. Tax free diesel fuel for yachting is available from government authorised harbours and marinas in Turkey.

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