Irish Baby Gifts

Interested in buying Irish baby gifts? Explore the unique variety of Irish baby gifts available in the market…

The collection of Irish baby gifts has some of the most unique items that can make the arrival of a new baby into something special. Not only does the collection consist of adorable baby stuff but also some unique crafts for the parents that are worthy of becoming family heirlooms.

Some of the most unique Irish baby gift items are as follows:

Personalized Galway Irish Crystal Baby Gift Plate

This particular Irish gift is not something that the baby will be using. Rather it is something that is given as a token of congratulation to the parents. It is a souvenir item that is to be set up in a china hutch cabinet or somewhere else special. The meticulously crafted Galway crystal plate can be personalized with the names and initials of the people that are going to be gifted with the item. This Irish baby gift item is available for $147.

Pewter Claddagh Baby Cup

This is a high end baby gift item which should be given to someone really close to you. Made from pewter the souvenir item is an excellent way to commemorate the coming of a new life. The cup features the trademark Claddagh symbol with the hands, heart and crown representing love, friendship and loyalty. This is one of the old school traditional Irish baby gift items. You will be able to purchase this Irish baby gift for about $87.

Celtic Names for Children Book – Loreto Todd

This is one baby gift that you would want to gift before the baby is actually born. The book consists of some of the most popular, unique and old baby names of Irish origins. It is a book that will come in handy for the parents for as long as they keep having children. The Celtic names for children book is a very thoughtful baby gift and at $18 it is quite affordable as well.

 Belleek Boy’s and Girl’s Christening Cup

Belleek is one of the most well renowned Irish companies involved in the production of ceramics. It produces special christening cups for boys and girls. The cups have been modeled to a very creative design that is worthy of being exhibited on a shelf or in a china cabinet. This is one of the most popular Irish baby gift items and is available for around $35.

Belleek Kylemore Baby Bowl & Spoon Set

This is another special baby gift item from the same well renowned Irish company. Unlike the above mentioned gift item this is something that your baby will actually be using. The finely crafted baby bowl and spoon set is created to be used by the baby, with special care from his parents. This very special baby gift item from Belleek is available for around $75.

My First Tooth Pewter Keepsake Box

This is an adorable gift item that is actually a very unique concept. You can give this gift item once the child has become big enough to grow and break his first tooth. The wonderfully crafted box is used to treasure the child’s first tooth. This special Irish baby gift box can be purchased for around $30.

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