Native Indian Cigarettes

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If you thought that you would have to drive down to the closest Indian reservation buy native Indian cigarettes think again. These products can now be purchased at the click of a button with most shops maintaining a presence online. There are several websites online that sell native Indian cigarettes at unbelievably cheap rates. You simply have to insert the words cheap Native American cigarettes into the Google search bar and a host of websites will show up each offering an attractive way to procure these cigarettes.

You can purchase by the carton or in packs but either way you can expect a discount of at least 10 % off the normal retail price. The reason for this discount is the tax exemption that Indian tribal members enjoy on products sold and bought on Indian reservations. Particularly, tobacco products like cigarettes are exempt from tax and as such are the most sought after products on reservations. The sale of tobacco products often generates the main income stream for a tribal community.

You can buy cigarettes of your favorite brands like Marlboro or Camel and other European or American brands or you could go for the comparatively cheaper indigenously manufactured cigarettes like the Seneca brand. These cigarettes are manufactured and packaged on the reservation; this coupled with the tax exemption make them extremely affordable. So essentially purchasing from an Indian reservation shop helps you to get the brand that you want without the hefty price tag.

Normally you would have to drive few kilometers to take advantage of the benefits this tax exemption offers but now you can simply buy them from online vendors who not only offer duty free prices but also throw in discount shipping to make the deal sweeter.  You can order from these dealers from across the country or even from other countries around the world. The prices are the same as you would get if you were to purchase directly by driving down to an Indian reservation vendor, but the only difference is that here the cigarettes are delivered to your doorstep.

All you have to do is to simply log in to one of the vendor sites and select the brand that you want and the amount. Furnish location details and make the payment – and in a few days the cigarettes will be at your doorstep. A pack of cigarettes can cost as much as $10 in the US and the price of a carton can even go into hundreds depending on the brand that you like. But you won’t have to pay these outrageous prices if you choose to shop with these online Indian reservation vendors.


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