Irish Celtic Rings

Interested in Irish Celtic rings? Find out what makes Irish Celtic rings special…

When it comes to jewelry making Irish Celtic jewelry is renowned world over for its artistic value. Not only do these traditional rings showcase exquisite craftsmanship but are also richly laden with innate symbolism. Irish Celtic rings in particular are discovering new found glory in today’s times.

The history and tradition associated with Irish Celtic rings dates back to thousands of years. The tradition of these rings began as a token of appreciation and commitment that was exchanged between two people looking to get married. However these rings had something more to them that made them perfect for the occasion.

Characteristics of Irish Celtic rings

Irish Celtic rings are characterized by interlocking shapes like loops and spirals that represent the coming together of two people. This kind of symbolic imagery is what makes Irish Celtic rings different from others.

The unique physical features actually represented friendship and love. You will find the bulk of Irish Celtic rings to have the intertwining theme which carries a significant symbolism for people getting married.

In the ancient Celtic tradition the Claddagh symbol was used to indicate the bond of marriage between two people and an association of mutual friendship. It was meant to be a reminder for the couple to stick through the tough times. Over the years Irish Celtic rings have retained their appeal and in fact today they are popular more than ever.

Popular Irish Celtic rings

The popularity of Irish Celtic rings has outstripped the boundaries of its country of origin. Today Irish Celtic rings are sought after by a global audience that has been memorized by the unorthodox styles that the collection of Irish rings has to offer.

You need not be married or getting engaged in order to enjoy the Claddagh ring. This is because there is a special way to wear the Claddagh ring which gives away whether the wearer is committed in a relationship or not. Bachelors wear the Claddagh ring with the hard pointing outwards whereas committed individuals wear it the other way around. The Celtic symbol is full of rich meanings including love, family, connection and friendship. These are all virtuous meanings that add even more value to Irish Celtic rings.

With Irish Celtic rings growing in popularity they have become widely available both on the internet and in jewelry shops around the world. However, since this is a new trend many people are unaware of the differences that exist in true Irish Celtic rings and their cheap imitations.

While a host of Irish Celtic themed rings are being mass marketed online, these are not what you would call the one hundred percent original Irish Celtic rings. If you want the real thing, go for manufacturers that deal in Irish Celtic rings that are hand crafted in Dublin, Ireland. The collection of Irish Celtic rings consists of simple and highly complex designs. They are laden with various precious stones and feature a variety of intricate carvings.

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