Belgian Chocolate Bars

Interested in Belgian chocolate bars? Read on to find out about some of the varieties on sale in and outside of Belgium.

Belgian chocolates are held in high esteem by chocolate lovers around the world. They are made using the traditional Belgian technique with top quality ingredients to produce rich heavenly tasting chocolate. Amongst the different styles in which Belgian chocolate is available are chocolate bars which are sought after by people of all ages.

Although Belgian chocolate is such that you would want to take your time enjoying it, the chocolate bars have been prepared for people on the go. There are a number of different companies involved in the production of Belgian chocolate bars. Some of the most popular brands renowned for their top quality Belgian chocolate bars are as follows:

Cote dOr Chocolates Bars

Chocolates from this Belgian brand are popularly known as elephant chocolates due to its logo. This company is credited for producing the best Belgian chocolates in the world. They use special cocoa beans produced in the Gold Coast of Ghana and are renowned for their bold taste.

Amongst the popular Belgian chocolate bars from the company is the Lait Intense. This bar has a dark chocolate center with a rich milk chocolate exterior making it a true Belgian chocolate delight.

The Noir de Noir is another unique chocolate bar from the company. This particular bar will give you the traditional bitter sweet taste with a tinge of orange. The dark chocolate bar has been given an orange truffle coating along with candied orange peel that produces the unique taste.

Callebaut Chocolate Bars

This particular company has been producing Belgian chocolates for the past 150 years. The huge company is involved in all the processes of chocolate making starting from the growing of cocoa to the final packing of delicious Belgian chocolate.

With over 1,650 recipes in house, Callebaut produces some extravagant Belgian chocolate bars. Dark Chocolate Baton is the name of a Belgian chocolate bar produced by the company. This unique stick shaped bar has an intensely overwhelming taste and can resist a high level of heat. This product is available in dark as well as white chocolate hence you can choose according to your preferences.

The dark chocolate semi sweet chocolate bar known as the Sweet Block from the company is another excellent variety. It will give you a tinge of bitter taste with 52.9% cocoa solids.

Jean Galler Chocolate Bars

This chocolate factory can give Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory a run for its money. Named after the individual who developed the factory, Jean Galler has been involved in the production of classic Belgian chocolate bars for over a century.

The classic Bittersweet Chocolate Bar with 60% cocoa content is one of the most popular products from the company. The bar has a solid dark chocolate color but is not very heavy on the stomach making it a great treat on the go.

These are just a few examples of the kind of Belgian chocolate bars you will be able to get out there. You should however expect Belgian chocolate bars to be priced much higher than ordinary candy due to the top quality ingredients and the use of traditional techniques.

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