Indian Motorcycle Accessories

With Indian motorcycles regaining their place in American motorcycle history as an iconic American brand, it is no wonder that Indian motorcycle accessories are doing well too. From shirts to Indian head nickel replica license plate mounts, Indian mo

It is easy to appreciate an Indian motorcycle without knowing much of the company’s fascinating history, but it is an incomplete appreciation. The Indian Motorcycle Company began in 1901, went bankrupt in 1953, revived in 1999, went bankrupt again in 2003, the roared back in 2008 with the production of the new 2009 Chief at a new facility in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. A thick book could be written about the history of the Indian Motorcycle Company. Accessories are one way of appreciating that history.

There is speculation that by the year 2011, the motorcycle accessory market worldwide will be worth $54.9 billion.

Every piece of Indian memorabilia has a rich and storied history behind it. For example, an Indian Chief Head Motorcycle Guardian Bell is made to trap evil road spirits that cause mechanical problems and other assorted bad luck. The bell traps the evil road spirits inside them, where the ringing deranges the spirits to the point that they lose hold and fall out onto the ground.

Perhaps a simpler example is the Indian Motorcycle oval logo patch in black with gray lettering. A sew-on patch like this one would be perfect on the front of a jacket. Speaking of jackets, they’re available in leather with Indian logo hardware, in denim with the Indian Script logo embroidered on the back, and in wool with the classic red and yellow Indian head logo embroidered on the back.

Classy lapel pins feature inscriptions like “Indian Motorcycle Genuine Parts,” “Power Plus 100,” and “Scout 1901-2001.” You can even get a set of ceramic Indian Motorcycle salt and pepper shakers in the shape of the famous Indian profile and script logo.

Perhaps the most popular accessories for Indian motorcycles are saddlebags made in fringed leather. Not only do they look great, they’re sturdy and functional. They are available in countless variations to suit any Indian motorcycle.

Other Indian motorcycle accessories are not style accessories at all, but accessories for modifying the bike itself. Keyless ignitions, lowering kits, turn signal kits, and alarm systems are a few examples. Some accessories are strictly functional, like cylinder head and transmission gaskets. Service manuals are now available in CD form so they can be put on a computer and easily searched.

Indian motorcycle accessories make excellent gifts for those who love Indian motorcycles and the company’s storied history.

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