Irish Celtic Tattoos

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Irish Celtic tattoos depict traditional Celtic signs. Celtic tattoos are both symmetrical and quite complex in design, utilizing distinctly Irish symbols. Irish Celtic tattoos draw inspiration from Celtic art, which primarily served ornamental purposes. Normally, Celtic tattoos do not have straight lines. Celtic tattoos place great emphasis on circles and curves rather than lines, which make Irish Celtic tattoos particularly unique. Examples of Celtic tattoos are Celtic cross tattoos, leprechauns and the Irish shamrock. Celtic tattoos make use of specifically Celtic symbols such as the Celtic knot with interlacing patterns. Spirals are a regular feature of Irish Celtic tattoos.

Leprechauns are favored Celtic tattoos because they are symbols of wealth. Ancient Celtic people of Irish origin believed these beings to possess sacks of wealth and chests of gold. The Celtic tattoo of a four-leaf clover is considered propitious because the four leaf clover is a rare symbol of good luck. Hence having such a symbol as a tattoo is believed to bring you permanent good luck. Irish Celtic tattoos are a symbol of pride among people of Irish Celtic origin. The intricate details of Irish Celtic tattoos make them among the most attractive tattoo designs available. Many people are drawn to Celtic tattoos because of the aura of mystery and magic that surrounds these tattoos.

Historical Origin of Celtic Tattoos

The history of Irish Celtic tattoos dates as far back as 500AD. Benedictine monks of the early Christian era in Irish soil, would use elaborate and intricate Celtic designs and art when writing or transcribing manuscripts. Irish Celtic artwork that bordered and peppered ancient manuscripts were intertwining patterns and knots of exquisite design that formed the basis of Irish Celtic tattoos. The abstract design of Irish Celtic art was highly appealing, which early Christian monks borrowed from the druids, pagan forefathers of an earlier Irish religion.

Irish Celtic tattoos are popular and attractive designs that find their historical roots in ancient Irish Celtic designs of knots, crosses and clovers. Celtic tattoos combine the grace of elaborate intertwining patterns with the symmetry of curves and circles to produce exquisite tattoo patterns that have lasted centuries. The appeal of Celtic tattoos has flourished among young people who are attracted to the abstract symbols.

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