Irish Dance Bags

Looking for Irish dance bags? Want to know about all the different varieties of dance bags available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right bag for you…

Variety of Irish Dance Bags

Irish dance bags are essential to carry your dance accessories, shoes and socks. Your costume should have a separate bag that can be zipped up to prevent the dislodging of sequins and lace on your dance dress. Large bags can be used to store more hardy items such as your ‘ghillies’ or soft shoes or even your hard shoes. The bags should ideally be locked securely if unattended unless you can leave it in a locker.

For ladies, Irish dance bags may resemble hat boxes and are usually in bright pink. Some dance bags have rollers and others have separate compartments for shoes. Duffle bags are ideal to carry your accessories and wigs separately from your hard shoes. Many bags have pretty bows and distinctive polka dots. Usually made from canvas or PVC, a dance bag should be able to accommodate all your dance material without the need for small accompanying cases. You may even choose dance bags as large as a luggage case to include your costume.

Your dance wig should be carried in special Irish dance bags called a wig case. These bags are hard and stiff to protect the shape of the wigs. They look like toiletries cases and have a zipper to seal the top. If you’re traveling to dance competitions in a regional, national or international venue, your dance bags should reflect the level of dance expertise that you are competing in.

Purchasing Irish dance bags

The bags are normally shipped within a few days of completing your purchase.

Garment bags are Irish dance bags which are specially made to store your costume. Depending on the design and style of your costume, your garment bag should be of a size that can accommodate your dance costume without being too bulky and difficult to carry. If you fold your costume to fit into the dimensions of the bag, be sure that you do not damage the elaborate decorations on the front of your dress.

Irish dance bags are a must have for you to adequately store your costume, accessories and wig during travel. There are numerous styles to choose from. You can buy a suitable bag online.

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