Irish Moss Festival

Interested in the Irish Moss festival? Find out about the events that you should watch out for during this three day festival…

The Irish moss festival is all set to take place in an around the community of Tignish in June this year. The festival will kick off on the 26th and the events will continue till the 28th. During the three days there will be a host of attractions for the attendees which promise to make it an unforgettable event.

The festival will commence with an announcement of the events to be held on the 26th. This will be followed by a game of laser tag for children aged between 6 and 12. Schools will be participating in this event. It is however important for anyone looking to participate in these events to get themselves registered before hand. The registration takes place at the Recreational Office in Tignish. Each team consists of four children and costs around $10.

Then follows the GPS hunt which also requires pre-registration. Participants need not possess a GPS of their own. They can be rented out at $10 each. This activity is for children aged 16 and over.

Youth putting and chipping is another event to be held during the festival. It will be held at the St. Felix Golf & Country Club. The same location will host a golf tournament which will kick off at 1 pm. A host of activities in the park will be held from 2 to 4 pm. This will be an afternoon full of fun and games. Some of the activities that will be conducted in the park during this time are potato sack races, face painting, three legged races, obstacle courses, water games, sock hop and crafts.

Another unique competition to be held during the Irish moss festival is the strong kid competition. This will take place at the Credit Union Arena. Weekend passes for the event are available. The distribution of yard sale maps will take place at the Eugene’s Drive Thru. A massive community wide yard sale will take place from 8 am to 11 am. Individuals interested in attending the yard sales need to have a map in which is available at the Tignish Recreation Office.

A pancake breakfast will be held on Sunday at Shirley’s Café. This will be followed up by a pancake flipping contest which can be viewed by the general public. A character show will also be hosted at the Tignish Parish Center. The event will witness two character shows “Your Backyard Friends, the Backyardigans”.

The action packed Soccer Kick will kick off at the School Grounds which is one of the most highly anticipated events of the festival. A unique pet parade will take place at the Fishermen’s Haven Park where individuals will bring their favorite pets dressed up in costumes and compete to win prizes. Other events to watch out are the character breakfast at Tignish Legion, the ball hockey tournament and the Garden tea party at the Heritage Inn Gardens.

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