Spanish Breakfast Foods

So how do the people of Spain start off their day? What makes a complete Spanish breakfast? Read on to find out the details about Spanish breakfast foods…

Medical experts will tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don’t try and tell that to the Spaniards because they look at the whole deal in quite a different way. Generally your breakfast should be the heaviest and most wholesome meal of the day, lunch should be lighter and dinner should be the lightest. The Spanish tradition however is to have a relatively light breakfast and a full time heavy lunch. Breakfast for the Spaniards is the smallest meal of the day. Surprisingly though they still manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite the medical research that is contrary to their tradition.

The Spaniards start their day with a drink called Café con leche. This drink is basically the Spanish version of espresso coffee which contains a lot of extremely hot frothy milk. To accompany the drink they have certain small eating items such as a sweet roll known as bolos. Other accompaniments to the breakfast drink include magdalenas and the hot favorite lemon flavored cupcakes along with sugary churros. This is the basic and most traditional form of breakfast especially for the adults.

Children are usually discouraged to consume strong coffee at a young age. This is why they are often seen consuming hot or cold chocolate milk depending on the weather. Their drink is also accompanied with a sweet roll or other traditional breakfast item. The use of breakfast cereals has also increased over the time span of the last 20 years. But this is largely in the younger and more modern generation. The old school Spaniards stick to their original breakfast traditions.

There have been slight additions here and there to the traditional Spanish breakfast items. The jam rolls and the sweet rolls are still however the most popular items to be served with the breakfast. The use of toast accompanied with mild soft cheese and butter has also increased over the years. Some people even add a small quantity of meat to the list. Maria crackers also known as magdalenas are also another popular breakfast item. The cracker bears likeliness to a Ritz cracker but is sweet in taste.

Another common breakfast item is the Churros. This item is quite like the American donuts as they are made out of lightly fried dough and are sprinkled with sugar and honey. A Spanish bread pudding also added to the list is Torrias. This pudding is topped with sugar and cinnamon and in some cases rich honey.

Although the Spaniards are not into eating heavy breakfasts the general idea is that anything you eat should suffice until lunchtime. Lunch time is not before one thirty in the afternoon so you need to be sure you will be able to hang on till then. If you want to try your hands on some Spanish style breakfast items you will first have to educate yourself as to how exactly the Spanish make their breakfast dishes.

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