Irish Moss Health Benefits

Want to know about Irish moss health benefits? Find out the multiple health benefits that Irish moss has to offer in our comprehensive guide…

Known by many different names such as pearl moss and carragheen, Irish moss is a unique herb with multiple health benefits. This North Atlantic seaweed is edible and has mucilaginous substance as part of its yield which is what gives it the inherent medicinal qualities.

Irish moss is considered to be the best plant to cover troublesome bar spots. It is a low growing plant which is also commonly used as filler between bricks and stepping stones. When grown for aesthetic purposes Irish moss needs very little maintenance. Other than its medicinal uses Irish moss has also been used as cattle feed, mattress stuffing and a thickener for painting inks.

Irish Moss Health Benefits

Irish moss is used in bulk quantities by the food industry for the purpose of making jellies. It is also used as a smooth binder. Irish moss is also used as a skin softener in cosmetics. At the same time it helps to protect your skin from various environmental influences.

The wonder seaweed is also effective against a number of health conditions such as the formation of varicose veins, halitosis, inflammation and dysentery. Irish moss has also been used as an emollient. The use of Irish moss can also give the user protection against fat, arteriosclerosis and hyper tension.

Irish moss is also used as a key ingredient in many body lotions. When placed in contact with dry and rough skin Irish moss will turn into in to well hydrated, smooth and silky skin. The seaweed has proven to be effective against some of the most severe skin conditions such as eczema, rashes, sunburn and psoriasis. The seaweed is richly laden with vitamins A,B,C and D which is what gives it the unique skin nourishing capabilities.

The application of Irish moss on to the skin helps to enhance its natural moisture barrier. At the same time it keeps all sorts of harmful external elements that will harm the skin outside while leaving the beneficial moisture inside. With constant regulated use of Irish moss the skin develops better moisture retention and the ability to retain essential lipids as well. Over all the skin gets a certain glow and has a very healthy appearance when treated with Irish moss.

The same seaweed has been used in different combinations for the purpose of treating peptic and duodenal ulcers. It is used as a gelatinous substance which helps to inhibit arteriosclerosis. Amongst the most magnificent healing properties of Irish moss is its ability to provide effective recovery from cancer and radiation poisoning. This is possible due to the high iodine content present in Irish moss.

Irish moss has also been used to prevent cholesterol build up in the body while protecting against obesity as well. The use of Irish moss can also help prevent coagulation of the blood while cleaning many bladder disorders as well. The edible seaweed is an excellent source of magnesium, iodine and sodium.

The above mentioned health benefits are some of the primary medicinal functions that Irish moss is used for. The complete list is exhaustive and perhaps we haven’t even realized the full potentialities of the health benefits that Irish moss has to offer.

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