Irish Red and White Setters

Interested in buying an Irish red and white setter? Get a comprehensive information overview of this unique breed of dog in our guide to Irish red & white setters…

The Irish red and white setter is renowned for being a very strong and powerful dog. It is an athletic dog celebrated for its agility coupled with a friendly nature. It is known as a beautiful, friendly and able breed.

Physical characteristics

The head of the Irish red and white setter is larger and broader when compared to the rest of its body. The domed skull also sports a clean muzzle. This breed sports round and prominent hazel colored eyes. The ears of the dog are set level with its eyes. The scissor bite jaw could not be more perfect in the red and white setter. The head sits upon a relatively long and muscular arched neck. The dog has its shoulders laying back and rather free elbows. Overall the dog is well muscled without being bulky or too wide. The dog features a finely feathered coat of silky hair. The base color of the dog is white with solid red patches and this is why the breed has the name that it has.

Irish red and white setter personality

This particular mutt is full of energy and possesses a high level of intellect. It is renowned for its high spirit and is highly affectionate. The red and white setter can never pass as a guard dog although it has a high sense of alertness. Its affectionate nature is overwhelming and may very well be all too welcoming even to unwanted strangers.

This dog is responsive but very sensitive. Daily exercise, and lots of it, is a must for the red and white setter. Without its daily dose of exercise the Irish setter is likely to turn into a rather obnoxious dog and this will cause it to release its energy in a negative manner. This dog is not high strung when given proper care and attention but failing to do so will cause a drastic change in the dog’s personality.

Although the red and white setter is lovable and impulsive it can be quite difficult to train. If not given the proper training the Irish setter can be a difficult dog to keep. It needs firm handling during training and a passive trainer will not be able to develop the dog’s personality as desired.

The red and white setter is also renowned for its swiftness and agility. It also possesses a strong sense of smell and can usually do very well in all climates.

The setter is a useful dog when it comes to hunting. It can conduct the job to perfection even on wetlands. The importance of training this mutt from an early age cannot be overstressed. The dog is prone to picking up bad habits like playing deaf if they do not earn the respect of their masters. It doesn’t take much for this dog to become housebroken. Once it does it will take a lot of effort to keep it from breaking your house down. As lovable a nature as the red and white Irish setter possesses it is just as demanding.

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