Irish Salad Recipes

Interested in Irish salad recipes? Discover some of the most interesting salad recipes that are part of the Irish tradition…

No Irish meal is complete without a salad. You will be able to find many different varieties of salad dishes that are consumed by the Irish people. Salads are most often served as appetizers before starting the main course.

Traditional Irish Salad

The traditional Irish salad is primarily composed of lettuce, tomatoes, watercress and cucumber. To this are added hard boiled eggs and sliced beets.

What makes the traditional Irish salad special is the unique salad dressing used by the Irish. The salad dressing is prepared using hard boiled eggs, dry mustard, cider vinegar, soft brown sugar, salt and cream.

Presentation also matters when it comes to the traditional Irish salad. In order to present the salad in a traditional manner you need to arrange the lettuce leaves in a deep bowl in the shape of a flower. This is done by placing the large sized leaves on the outside while the smaller leaves are placed towards the center. Then the rest of the ingredients are scattered on top of the lettuce leaves.

You will then have to sieve the egg yolks and add the sugar, mustard and salt. Next up you will blend the cream and vinegar. The egg whites are chopped and added to the sauce. Traditionally the Irish do not pour the dressing over the salad, rather they serve it along side the salad.

Creamy Crunchy White Fish Salad Recipe

If you are looking for something a bit more exciting than the traditional Irish salad then this interesting recipe is bound to get you licking your fingers.

You will need some white fish fillet in order to make this particular salad. You can choose from whiting, cod, hake and haddock. The creamy crunchy white fish salad has a tantalizing sauce that is comprised of cucumbers, green pepper, radishes, yogurt, lemon, peppercorns, bay leaf and salt and pepper.

The white fish is to be poached in boiling salted water. You will use lemon ends to flavor the fish along with bay leaf and peppercorns. Once it has marinated remove the fish and drain the water leaving it to cool. On the side you will have to prepare the dressing. All you have to do for the dressing is combine all the vegetables and stir them in the yogurt, season it and mix it well. After preparing the salad dressing you should keep it in the refrigerator to chill. Pour the chilled salad dressing over the flaked fish and sprinkle it with chopped parsley to garnish.

Galway Spinach Salad

This is another all time classic Irish salad. As the name suggests this particular salad is centered on the use of spinach. It includes a variety of other exotic ingredients such as fresh mushrooms, Dijon style mustard, celery seed and a round of other standard salad items. The shanagarry cream dressing is another tantalizing salad dressing often used with Irish style salads.

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