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Are you going on holiday to Barcelona in Spain? Do you want to know what museums to go to in Barcelona? Our guide to museums in Barcelona provides you with information on the best museums in Barcelona.

Barcelona is a major European city with a wealth of things to do to keep you interested. Many young people these days visit Barcelona for the exciting nightlife of the wonderful shopping opportunities it presents. Howeve, Barcelona is also a centre of culture and provides an abundance of self enriching museums that will be of interest to many visitors. Below we’ve highlights some of the best museums in Barcelona.

The National Art Museum of Catalonia in Barcelona

The national art museum in Barcelona is one of the largest art museums in Spain. The exhibits on display in this museum in Barcelona span a vast period in the history of art in Spain and abroad. Visitors to this museum can find many Romanesque paintings dating back to the 11th century which are native to Spain. Other examples of art that are indigenous to Spain are the many Gothic engravings and statues on display at this museum in Barcelona.  This museum also exhibits more recent art from Spain as well as some temporary exhibits of contemporary artists from Barcelona.

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona

This museum in Barcelona is dedicated to the works of one of the greatest artists to come out of Spain in the 20th century: Picasso.  Although the works of Picasso are present in several other museums around Spain, this is the best museum to come to in Spain if you are particularly interested in seeing the works of Picasso. This museum in Barcelona houses Picasso’s exhibits that span his whole career and allow visitors to trace the conceptual and artistic development of this great Spanish artist.  The Picasso Museum in Barcelona has an especially large collection from Picasso’s blue period of work from his early career. Admission to this museum in Barcelona costs just under 5 Euros except on the first Sunday of every month when admission is free. Like many other museums in Barcelona, opening times are from 10am until 8pm. On Sundays the museum closes at 3pm.

The Barcelona Archaeology Museum in Spain

The Barcelona Archaeology Museum focuses on archaeological discoveries made in Barcelona and elsewhere in Spain. Visitors to this museum in Barcelona will find pre- historic exhibits including human skeletal remains dating back to Neanderthal times. The museum in Barcelona also exhibits finds from when Spain was under the rule of the Romans and Visigoths, including coins and religious paraphernalia.

The Maritime Museum of Barcelona

Spain has a great maritime history and this museum shows the contribution that Barcelona has made to Spain’s military and commercial navy fleet throughout history. The museum offers maps, pictures and scale models of ships related to Barcelona and naval shipping. Museum admission cost 5.40 Euros. Museum opening times are 10am-7pm.

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