Irish Setter Shoes

Interested in buying some Irish setter shoes? Find out what makes shoes from this well renowned company so special in our information guide on Irish setter shoes…

Irish setter is not just the name of a particular breed of dog. Rather it is also the name of a leading shoe manufacturing company particularly known for its sporting and outdoor boots. The company’s history can be traced back from the 1920’s creation of outdoor boots known as Red Wing Shoes.

It was during that time that the first collection of boots was specifically created for outdoor recreational purposes. Today these shoes are not only renowned for their top quality and performance but they are also considered to be a part of an age old tradition.

Irish setter shoes can give you an all day comfort complimented by an unparalleled fit. The company is currently nestled in a historic and beautiful Mississippi River Town. Some of the most popular shoes produced from the company are as follows:

Hunting- Big Game Boots

This is one of the most celebrated categories of shoes from the company. The Elk Tracker Style is one of the most popular boots amongst this category. It is endowed with the trade mark Bulls Eye Air Bob Aggressive along with a dual density carbon rubber sole. These features make it lightweight and shock absorbent. Multi-traction directional lugs help to give the shoes a good grip.


This category of Irish setter shoes has some of the all time classic varieties of the company. The Lakeside style for example is a model that offers high style with high performance. They are made using beautiful distressed brown leather and abrasion resistant nylon fabric. Fabric covered EVA footbed and nylon shank have also been used in the making of this special shoe.


The line of casual shoes by the company also features some very interesting varieties. The trailblazer Style is one of the most impressive shoes in the category. It is made using brown worn saddle leather and moisture wicking nylon lining. The Irish Setter Trailblazer Rubber Sole is perhaps the distinctive element in these casual shoes.


Irish setter snow boots are known for their style and superior performance. One of the most popular shoes in the category is the Cedar Creek Style. This particular pair features carbon rubber and a flexible rubber lug sole that gives them stability in a variety of different terrains. This versatile boot is embedded with 200 gram thinsulate insulation. A steel shank helps to retain the shape of these boots whereas the use of brown abrasion resistant nylon fabric has also been incorporated in its making.

One of the things that contribute to the popularity of Irish setter shoes is their longevity. These boots are built in such a way that they are bound to come in use for years to come. Amongst the things that help these shoes to retain their shape over the years is the use of steel shanks. Other elements like the carbon sole also contribute to the extended life of Irish setter shoes.

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