Irish Silver Rings

Interested in buying Irish Silver Rings? Explore the variety of brilliant Irish rings made in silver…

Silver has a timeless appeal as a precious metal for constructing jewelry. Silver rings are cost effective, resilient and extremely beautiful. When silver rings are modeled according to traditional Irish themes the results can be very impressive.

Some of the brilliant designs of Irish silver rings that you will be able to find in the market are as follows:

Irish Claddagh Ring

This is an old school concept originated from the village known as Claddagh in Island. The ring features a unique symbol carved in detailed on brilliant silver bringing it to life. The imagery is a composition of a heart wearing a crown held up in between two hands. The ring is meant to represent love, friendship and loyalty. This is by far the most popular design in the collection of Irish silver rings. The impressive ring can be purchased for $34.

Silver Anam Cara ring

This Irish silver ring features the words Anam Cara artistically engraved upon it. These words translate as Soul Mate which makes the ring a great gift to give to your loved one. This design has been made in two varieties, one for the men and the other for the women. The Claddagh symbol has also been incorporated into the design of this impressive Irish silver ring. The Anam Cara ring is available for $54 in the market.

Ancient Celtic Ring – Silver

If you want to go old school then this particular design has elements inspired by the ancient metal work of the early Celts that dwelled in Ireland. Crannogs, a part of Ireland, is believed to be the epicenter of the metal work practiced during the medieval times. The unique designs are now being incorporated into modern jewelry to cater to the masses. This beautiful ring truly captures the Irish Celtic spirit.

Silver Celtic Spiral Ring

This trademark Irish silver ring takes inspiration from the Newgrange entrance stone in Ireland. It features the most popular design element of Ireland, which is the spiral. The spiral was symbolic of the energy of the sun during the times of the ancient Celts. The ring features a repetitive pattern of spirals suggestive of a nine month cycle signifying birth. A continuous line runs through which is suggestive of continuity. The ring truly captures the beliefs of the ancient Celts in a very artistic manner.

Celtic Weave Ring

This is yet another beautiful Irish silver ring focused on the Celtic knot design. Unlike the band like rings this one has a larger Celtic weave in the center. The uniquely carved ring is hard to miss especially with the sparkling silver. The beautiful ring is tailored specially for the ladies. Although artistic, this particular ring is incredibly cheap at $19.

These are just some examples from the fine collection of Irish silver rings. You can find a plethora of other amazing varieties on the internet.

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