Turkish Pistachios

Want to buy Turkish pistachios? Read on for facts and info on the world’s most highly regarded variety of pistachios…

Turkish pistachios seem to stand unparalleled with those who value the taste of pistachios. Pistachios from Turkey are highly sought after all over the world and have been a popular trade commodity for many years.

There are a number of things that differentiate Turkish Pistachios from those grown in other regions. For one thing they are relatively smaller in size than compared to those grown in the Americas. They are also naturally less open than the other variety of pistachios and tend to have a much darker color. At the same time they offer a highly distinct and rich taste that is worth relishing in.

The Turks have their own way of cultivating and preparing these pistachios for consumption. After being harvested the entire stock of pistachios is left to dry while keeping the outer husks on. As a result, the outer shell gets tanned and develops a darker shade while the essential flavor of the pistachios remains in tact. It is because of this reason that pistachio aficionados consider the Turkish variety to be at the top of the mountain. The vast majority of those who have a flavor for the nut consider them to be better than the highly revered Iranian variety as well.

Pistachios are grown in many different regions of Turkey. However, the city of Gaziantep situated close to the border with Syria is lauded for having the best quality Turkish pistachios. It is because of this location that Turkish pistachios have assumed the title of Antep.

Pistachios are harvested by workers who shake the branches of the pistachio trees using poles. The harvesting takes place in September. The nuts are then taken to a processing center. The quantity that is not to be consumed instantly is stored in their husks. The Turks have taken on modern technology when it comes to removing the husks from the nuts.

The Turkish way of storing the pistachios within their dried hulls is known as storing them “in the red”. They are left like this until they are to be processed when the pistachios are made to pass through specially designed automated cylinders that remove the pink husks from the nuts.

A large quantity of the harvested nuts is sold directly in the market in an “as is” condition because many people fancy the taste of fresh Turkish pistachios. When consumed in this manner the individual himself has to peel off the husk to consume the raw pistachio. In other cases you will be able to find packaged roasted pistachios in the market. However, the bulk of the harvest is sold in wholesale quantities to spice shops where they form the essential ingredients for many different kinds of spices.

Not only are Turkish pistachios a tantalizing delight for the taste buds for those who value dry fruits, they also have high nutritional value. They have saturated fat, sodium, carbohydrates and proteins in balanced amount whereas they are low in cholesterol. Turkish pistachios are also a good source of iron, vitamins and calcium.

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